OkayNate gives me a life peptalk

My favorite internet cute guy, OkayNate, gave me a pep talk live on his show! I recorded it the only way I quickly knew how to.... photobooth. So here is my response. Totally made my day better. .... I'll go clean my apartment now.


Etsy Shop Now Open

If you guys follow my current blog lovely and little you know I have an etsy shop where I sell my custom PhotoBlocks, like the ones I made for my thesis.

If you haven't made the switch over to my other blog, please! Go follow me there, I write a couple times a week usually. And check out my etsy shop!


I used to work out

work out update april  by rachaelgregg
work out update april , a photo by rachaelgregg on Flickr.

Really. I did. Look, April 2011 I had a semi flat stomach. WHAT. Looking back at this I feel so stupid for stopping my work out routine. Time to start again.


Come on Over!

This blog has officially moved! You can now find me over at Lovely and little!

Hope to see you all there!


Blogs Moving!

I know... where have I been?

Well.... With this whole picture thing having ruined my blog forever meant this is a good time to just... start over! and I am.

I'll post a link as soon as its up right now I'm doing all the  design/edit boring stuff.

Can't wait to share it with you!


Hello There!

I hope you all had as awesome holiday weekend as I did. I think this year might have been the most easy going christmas ever at my parents house. and I had a blast hanging out with friends yesterday. Megan I love you. 


You know when...

You play video games with your little brother for hours while eating cheese its and drinking mnt dew and life cannot get any better than that moment.

Yeah. That happened recently. and I loves him.


Random Rachael Fact, I'm on a dating website

Yeah. I know. Right? No wonder I can't find a decent man. I'm looking on lame free dating websites. If you also are lame and cheap you will recognize these questions. My cousin read this and laughed the entire time. I mean. I think I'm funny. But you know.... I also have a great sense of humor. I thought I'd share this with y'all... as your weekly entertainment. Sorry the formatting is kind of weird... blogger isnt letting me put line breaks where I want to.

(yeah, this is one of my pictures on the site. nbd.)

My self-summary
I'm cuter on the internet. I'm not here to get laid and I'm extremely awkward at times. Im deathly allergic to cats, if you have/live with a cat, please stop here and move on.

I was raised by two huge dorks, thus, I am a huge dork. I've been told I have an bad sense of humor. I hate all Will Ferrel movies(yes, i saw stranger than fiction, stop asking.) I go to the gym twice a week... but by week I mean month. I believe maintaining a successful household and raising well rounded children is a full time job that is under appreciated. Don't get me wrong, I do not plan to be a domestic slave... unless I get to wear Leia's outfit. I'm not a morning person, I do not wake up pretty, inside or out. I was on chess club and I have asthma, please don't steal my lunch money.

I am not the hardcore outdoor girl type or the lets go out with all of your friends that I dont know at a place I dont know type. I'm actually not a huge fan of "painting the town red." That is not to say I do not enjoy a couple beers at the local brewery, dancing with my girlfriends or a day hike. Thank god I live in Portland.
What I’m doing with my life
hopefully being really successful! In memories and paychecks. I'm a full time art student with a paid graphic design internship. I am not a graphic designer or a showing artist. What does that say to you?

I get my BFA in May and I plan to get a Masters in education someday so I can better the lives of children.... or crush their hopes and dreams.
I’m really good at
saying the wrong thing at the wrong time in front of the wrong people. like telling men i just met that id make a good wife.

seriously, id make a good wife.

other talents include mixing ink colors to pantone books, cleaning up messes I made 2 weeks ago, winking, over analyzing Manet's Olympia and have anxiety attacks like clockwork. twice a year.
The first things people usually notice about me
glasses(when im not wearing contacts.) my eye lashes. my blue eyes. i stumble a lot. i tend to lose things and check the time on my phone often. not to see what time it is but to make sure my phone is still with me. 'cause im a 21st century digital boy. err.. girl.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: cook books, craft books, coupon books.
movies: anything that is placed between the 15th and 19th century. movies that come in decent trilogies, i.e. star wars, back to the future, Indiana Jones. The lives of others and The Fall.
music: the kind of country that's played on the radio.
food: most of it. not pineapple. allergic. dammit.
The six things I could never do without
besides the obvious?

A shower.
An oven.
Make up.
My purse.
My momma.

I am such a female.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My vision. 20/400! damn, i bet you are cuter with my glasses off.

Giorgione, Titian, Manet. In that order. 500 years of art history.
On a typical Friday night I am 
Cooking. Enjoying a movie. Doing homework, wondering why all my friends have boyfriends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I blog & my skin will make the 15 year old in you feel good about yourself. Although both these things are very public. Neither are well received.

Growing up a part of the Rebel Alliance, I fought off evil with Dr. Peter Venkman and Rowdy Roddy Piper. As an adult I'm trying to pay rent while keeping up good grades, good looks and a humble lifestyle. If you didnt get that joke, you might not like me.
You should message me if
you don't own or live with a cat, you don't smoke pot, you want a genuine date and not a back alley ho.


What is a girl to do?

When her blog goes crazy cakes and loses all its pictures? Do I start a new blog? I just hit 500 posts. I've been at this for like 3 years. Do I give up? I have thought about giving up. It's just a silly old blog. Now with no pictures.


Finals Week (of Hell)

Oh finals week. How I love thee. Wait. No. I. Hate. You. WTF. Why are finals during the same week everything is due for thesis!?!!?!? And why are papers due? and test to be had? wait.. no, i didnt take any tests. phew.

But let me tell you what I did do for the week. Starting with the Saturday before.

Saturday: Wake up, take my very first taxi ride ever to meet Megan and her family for her birthday breakfast. Go home, nap. Get cute, meet boy im dating for dinner and go out to celebrate megans birthday.

Sunday: Arrive home at 2:30am, drunk. Sleep, wake up and go to moms to help her decorate for the family christmas party the following weekend.

Monday: work, get told i am getting fired when i graduate. awesome. go home and do homework.

Tuesday: wake up hella early to finish homework. accidentally knock can of black spray paint off shelf and spray my face/shirt with it. I am now in black face. I rescrub and continue onto a 6 hour long critique in which i go first.

Wednesday: get woken up at 8am by my mother who is going crazy. little brother had a seizure she is going to the hospital. I am not going to the hospital. in another state. i dont drive. this was a hassle. i might have freaked out and called a coworker to drive me the rest of the way. he did not. Nick, you are a loser. Real coworkers drop everything they are doing for crazy girls crazy stupid irrational demands. But really Nick. thanks for putting up with me and now stop being a d-bag.

ok... sorry about that tangent. brothers doing the best he can. BTW. also he's 24. when i say little brother people think hes 12. upon going home from the hospital i write a paper from the start for my class the next day. i also make a powerpoint to go with it.

Thursday: wake up hella early to finish paper and powerpoint. go to class and sit in a critique for 6 hours. i know i said the same thing on tuesday but i lied, tuesdays was 7 hours. critique went until the cows came home. get dumped by the guy i was casually dating over text while turning in all my thesis stuff.

Friday: work. more work. after work go home to clean moms house for saturdays family party. cousin amy comes over and we drink. a lot. at bars. bars we usually dont have to pay at. we had to pay that night. sucks.

saturday: wake up hung over with cousin in my underwear. wtf. i have no shame. clean up. bake cookies. make awful fudge. go to family party and eat more food than i ever should have. omg. the food was sooo goooood.

sunday: meet with family and have lunch. go visit other family. family. family. family. crap.

Ok. now its back to monday. we just did over a week of shit. I still havent gotten sleep. someone kill me now. next weekend is christmas. i will also not get sleep then.