found art

When i got to work today there was a leaf on the floor and i couldnt resist but to pick it up and scan it into the computer. After playing around with it for a while, i made this.

also im really happy that i had fun while avoiding homework.


these are some photographs i took in the last month with my film camera i got for christmas. I was trying to figure out the depth of field and ended up really liking some of the results.


Emmalee Renee

This is Emmalee, shes my cousin Amanda's new little three week old baby girl. I kind of fell in love with her. I wanted to hold her all day, but i couldn't. bummer. She's such a little doll though, long black hair and dark grey eyes. If she takes after her mom at all she'll be just gorgeous! I made some onesies for her a while back and just wanted to post the picture of the little bundle of joy.


Paper Coffins!

Monday night Noelle came over to craft with me! The nights plan: Each make three paper coffins using Martha Stewarts template found here. Ideally this seemed so easy, just trace, cut, glue and your done! Realistically it was not so easy, we each made one. Mines not even done yet, I am going to stamp RIP on top with silver ink, the test run looked good. Neither of us have a studio art class this quarter at school and are happy to be crafting together. It's also a good time to be girls and cry on eachothers shoudlers. Its like cheap therapy. Which is the best kind. I am going to try to make a couple more of these coffins on Wednesday, got to get them done before Friday, we'll see if that plan follows through!


Heather's Birthday Card

I made this birthday card for Heather a couple months ago, has it really been that long already? I used some free photoshop brushes from pixels & ice cream.


calender mock ups

i had an idea and i ran with it, this is where i ended up. sorry these exports aren't high quality! they look way better in the indesign file, i promise.

Grandma's Fresh Apple Cake

I love this font. this is a recipe my mother got from her mother, who probably got it from her mother and etc. we have apple trees in our backyard and my mom always hunts down this recipe card to make the apple cake, even though im sure she knows it by heart.


I-pod cozy case

So i just wanted to share my ipod cozy case i made last month. its made out of corduroy and felt, theres a button on the back that you cant see, it holds the ipod in the case. this is a scan on the ipod case and not a very good one at that! sorry!



fresh start friday

hello old world,

it's time to start blogging again, seriously. i miss it. so today, f is for fresh start friday.

much love