Udevelop Frenzy

Photoclub, in which i am the student rep for, had the privileged of learning how to print color photographs at Udevelop in Portland, OR on saturday. Can i just say right off the bat i fell in love with it! honestly deeply i would live there forever love. I spent two and a half hours in heaven with Dan and Willy on Photoclubs dime, I wish they had been open for just a couple more hours. Although I gave my one gorgeous print to Margo I will get it back from her to scan in and share. In the meantime heres some prints from my learning process.


Value Motel

this is the value motel, I took these shost with my canon film camera, it was a bright day but i love how washed out this looks. The building is full of symmetry and old 19something charm. i always wanted to photograph it and when i finally worked up the nerve to ask the manager if i could do so, he was very lovely and had no problem with me on the premises.

On saturday photoclub has the lovely privledge to go to Udevelop in portland, or. I am looking forward to developing these prints in the dark room and watching them magically come alive.


real art by real artist

Sanithna Phansavanh, the fabulous Atlanta based artist, sent me this while in Holland. I only own the post card addressed to myself, Eric Carros, my ex, owns the other. Although i would like to get it from him so they can live together again.

Its framed above my bed, i kind of am in love with it. You guys should check out his site, www.sircle.net


Polarcolor Print Mounts

When i bought one if my Polaroid Land Cameras from a garage sale it had a handful of these mounts with them. I love the typography on the bottom picture. They unfortunately are not the right size for my 669 film, just a hair off. Im planning on doing something with them.

Polaroid 669 Flim

Polaroids taken from with my land camera around my house. I love documenting the house i grew up in, i feel like when I have children it will be a good look into the past.


todays doodle

yeah, this is a pink storm trooper with a bow on her helmet, so what?



just messing around with illustrator.

animal patterns

i get bored at work, in the computer lab. when worst comes to worst i make patterns. im not in love with this one, it needs more work, but i like the grid it made. the top pattern was made from an original fawn drawing and the bottom pattern is from an original giraffe drawing.

sidewalk art

i drew this out of an acorn with my foot at the bus stop after my cinema class on wednesday. i was hoping it made someone smile after i left, because that bus stop is so depressing.


todays pattern

secretly i wish i could design textiles. i could sit at the computer all day and design patterns. i was just doodling in illustrator and came a tear drop shape, then several of them, then several more. i originally had the image of rain in my head, 'cause of the pnw's currently weather, but it turned into this. i like this. i am content with this.