it's a secret! shhhh

I can't show you because its what i made Brandon for Christmas but it is awesome. take my word. I will show you after he wets his pants from excitement when receiving such a cool handmade gift!


I love you Martha Lewis

Martha Lewis is a fabulous human being, bottom line. She was my, and the rest of the teams, Design Adviser on the 2008 Phoenix. We have bonded, she will be my children's godmother, even though said children do not exist. I love opening emails from her, as sometimes they go like this 'please get your bachelors degree before having babies.' She also is an amazing Graphic Designer if anyone needs some branding done, i'll give you her email.

On Tuesday she came into my computer lab baring gifts. She passed a little book over to me that read 'so you want to get married.' This is so like her, so amazing and hysterical. I smile just thinking about it. As you can see the book was published in 1953 and has that amazing old charm. Martha mentioned me cutting up for an art project, but i don't think i will be able to. Inside the book talks about how polite black mail no longer works when finding a husband and not to marry and man who does not cross their T's, in fear of them being procrastinators.

I can't wait to read the book from cover to cover. Thank you Martha Lewis, I will keep it in my library forever.

Webster Xl-500

This is gold people, GOLD. I bought myself yet another typewriter from the salvation army for $15. Can't beat that, right? Can't pass that opportunity up, it might not come again! I didn't take a photo of the actual typewriter but i assure you its gorgeous and powder blue. You wouldn't have passed it up either people, trust me. It came in the original carrying case and has several booklets and how to's with it. The find made my day, even though i didn't really have the $15 in the first place. It bought my happiness though, and that's good right?... right? kinda?

I just thought i would share some of the lovely images that are in the owners manual. They are to die for gorgeous, I wish you could see them in real life. In fact if you want to, we can have a tea and typing party.