so i have been saying for oh more than a year that i want to open an etsy. brooke has recently started her shop up and have the bug again. I don't have a good camera, these were taken with my parents. I am also super busy with school, work, portfolio stuff and well just life, but i will try to get the shop open soon. I will be selling vintage and odd household items, like the pictured above, and some orignal artwork.

Soon people, soon.

Allisons bag!

The outside is wool and the inside is cotton, but it is reversible! I followed a pattern in a Lotta Jansdotter's book Simply sewing. I am very happy with how it came out. I am not sure the pictures are clear but there is a side pocket and front large side ways pocket on the outside and a small pocket in the inside.


its like magic

my dear old friend melissa gave me a box of acrylic craft paint from her grandmother. they were labeled very carefully on the tops of the lids. this piece of paper is about a quarter of an inch by half an inch. i love the way its worn and the way the ink has ran. this wild heather stick came off of the paint bottle and has followed me since. it made its way into my backpack, then my binder. i kepe finding it and i always think i throw it away and apparently i never do. or maybe i really do aand it just keeps coming back to me. like magnet of love. i found it today in my binder when i was switching out of the old tattered torn black binder to a free new healthy white binder. wild heather you shall live forever.

Swap-bot swap

I received all my postcards yesterday for the swap-bot any kind-postcard swap II! It was so exciting knowing they were coming in the mail and that i would be getting little jewels when i got home from work. I will definitely do this again. Here are the postcards:

from Solarts, who sent me two!:

from Tracy:
from jennifer:
from carol:
from penny:



hand made presents are the best

and i really need to get new batteries for my camera, aka my handmedown beat up camera from my parents. i took photos of the bag i made allison for christmas but i havent brought the card in to upload them to a computer on campus. i am sorry, this not having a home computer thing really blows. a lot.

my alarm didnt go off today so i work up really really late. like really late. like suck late. like when i was supposed to be at work late. and it snowed. luckily allison is awesome and swung by my house to get me on her way to school. thank god. because i would have never made it to work before 11 with out her. works supposed to start at 9, but the buses are so slow i have to leave at 8 everyday.

she greeted me with smiles and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! yay. i probably stink, no shower, and im hoping i make it through the day ok, no breakfast.

i will post the pictures of the bag i made allison soon. i promise.


lead cast type!

so my boss ian, the best boss ever in the history of bosses, brought me presents today.

1. my name in regal 12pt font cast in lead.
2. homemade chocolate chip cookies

i always look forward to the cookies ian brings in, they are always delicious. his pizza is awesome too! but today was special, he brought me a one of a kind lead cast of my name! it was very exciting and im showing everyone i can. unfortunately i dont have a camera with me at work. i scanned in the bottom, its not the best quality of an image but i tried.... really i did.
its backwards ofcourse. so when i print something it reads right.

its a good day.

postcard swap closed!

I have a dozen swappers and have decided to close the swap entries due to cost. I dont want this to be a expensive swap for the swappies. As soon as i get the last address I will email everyone the list.

I just want to make this clear to everyone, because allison didnt get it, each person participating makes 11 postcards and sends one to each address on the list. then in return you get one from all 11 other participants. they dont have to be fancy, just handmade.


dont cha know

70% black is my favorite color


Book for Martha

I sewed a cover around a spiral bound notebook to give it flare. I am really happy with my results. The rick rack and polka dots really compliment each other. I made her a small collage as well, I forgot to take pictures of it before it got wrapped. Silly me.

Handmade Calender

For Allison. This was hand typed on my 1950's Webster typewriter. It took forever to figure out how many spaces in between each character. I finally figured it out. two. character. five. character. five. character.... and so on. I am very happy with the way it came out. Really I couldn't be any happier with the way it came out. I am sorry there is not a better image of the front cover, i didn't really get a good shot. Most of the paper is found with the exception of the vellum. I am happy to say that she really liked it.


Post Card Swap!

Hey everyone,

I will be hosting a Valentines Day themed Post Card Swap! Want to receive some beautiful hand made valentines day cards in the mail??? me too!!!

If you want to join in just send me an email(rachaelgregg@gmail.com) with the subject line postcardswap, your name and mailing address. I will collect all the participants addresses by January 24th and send an email out to everyone with the said addresses so we could all share our handmade goodies!!

Happy Early Valentines day!

I AM BACK!!! like a second heart attack

I am so sorry I have been gone for so long! It was a must, i assure you. With no home computer I am only able to keep this blog while at school/work. I assure you I work in a computer lab on campus and never(or hardly ever) blog when there is work to be done!

oh the familiar smell of the computer lab, how i missed it so! My lovely boss Ian(possibly best boss I'll ever have??) welcomed me back with a 1980 Datsun 210 repair manual that he picked up for 1 buck. oh how i love pull apart diagrams.
Also with out a digital camera all i can offer are these pictures from my blackberry. They are horrid in quality and taste. Here is a glimpse of what i did over the long break:

2009 hand made calender for family party gift exchange. Hand typed, with my 1960 webster beauty, on found recipe cards.
confused cowboy. this is my cousins son brandon, well kind of.
My boyfriends manly 22nd birthday card
hand carved stamps

Blessed to go on the Hurless ski trip up to mt hood meadows

this is a shirt design i made for brandon for christmas. unfortunately the screen did not work, twice. ugh. oh well.