hand made presents are the best

and i really need to get new batteries for my camera, aka my handmedown beat up camera from my parents. i took photos of the bag i made allison for christmas but i havent brought the card in to upload them to a computer on campus. i am sorry, this not having a home computer thing really blows. a lot.

my alarm didnt go off today so i work up really really late. like really late. like suck late. like when i was supposed to be at work late. and it snowed. luckily allison is awesome and swung by my house to get me on her way to school. thank god. because i would have never made it to work before 11 with out her. works supposed to start at 9, but the buses are so slow i have to leave at 8 everyday.

she greeted me with smiles and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! yay. i probably stink, no shower, and im hoping i make it through the day ok, no breakfast.

i will post the pictures of the bag i made allison soon. i promise.