I AM BACK!!! like a second heart attack

I am so sorry I have been gone for so long! It was a must, i assure you. With no home computer I am only able to keep this blog while at school/work. I assure you I work in a computer lab on campus and never(or hardly ever) blog when there is work to be done!

oh the familiar smell of the computer lab, how i missed it so! My lovely boss Ian(possibly best boss I'll ever have??) welcomed me back with a 1980 Datsun 210 repair manual that he picked up for 1 buck. oh how i love pull apart diagrams.
Also with out a digital camera all i can offer are these pictures from my blackberry. They are horrid in quality and taste. Here is a glimpse of what i did over the long break:

2009 hand made calender for family party gift exchange. Hand typed, with my 1960 webster beauty, on found recipe cards.
confused cowboy. this is my cousins son brandon, well kind of.
My boyfriends manly 22nd birthday card
hand carved stamps

Blessed to go on the Hurless ski trip up to mt hood meadows

this is a shirt design i made for brandon for christmas. unfortunately the screen did not work, twice. ugh. oh well.

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