busy little bumble bee

I am filling out my college applications and writing a 10 page paper on why modern artists credentials should be recognized. This means i have little to no free time. I have been drawing from life for my portfolio and will show you what i drew once they are photographed.

in the mean time here is a shrinky dink i made last night. yes, i only made one. if i didnt love it so much it would have been a waste of heating the oven. luckily i really liked the result, i think it's going to be a necklace. sorry for the image quality, i had to scan it in.


wish i was there

My brother Erik decided this weekend that he was going to vegas. Heres the view from his hotel room. I. am. jealous.


weekend craft fun

So I do not have batteries in my camera, not that i have a fabulous camera, so you are going to have to deal with some camera phone images. I am sorry, really forgive me. The above card was made for my cousin ali.

a dozen roses from brandon for valentines day. he also made me a mix 'love' cd and handmade a very heart shaped valentine.
These are very crappy images of the felt case i made for brandons gift card. I am very proud of my scallop rotary cutter. Cut through two layers of felt like butter.
My first attempts at Shrinkydink. I kind of fell in love with the process, not so much in love with anything i made. I really like the birds but they didnt shrink evenly and my circles(cut out with my circle cutter to assure the circleness of the circles) turned out oval.
valentine i made brandon:


twenty3 here i am

I had an amazing birthday. Thanks to all my friends and family who made it so awesome. I love you all.


Mrs. Vandervaughns Vacation


I have named her Mrs. Vandervaughn. Her family came to America in 1892 with eleven children, she was the second youngest. She married but had no children of her own. These are her vacation photos from her Road trip across Canada. But really i found these at the salvation army in a photo album they were selling.


when boys use typewriters

It's always amusing when Brandon wants to play along when I'm crafting.


what i need to do.

1. look at pnca/ocac's sites for portfolio deadline dates
2. draw at least 3 still lifes that do no suck
3. eat
4. get postcards done for swap
5. buy brandons shirt
6. buy silk screen
7. love