weekend craft fun

So I do not have batteries in my camera, not that i have a fabulous camera, so you are going to have to deal with some camera phone images. I am sorry, really forgive me. The above card was made for my cousin ali.

a dozen roses from brandon for valentines day. he also made me a mix 'love' cd and handmade a very heart shaped valentine.
These are very crappy images of the felt case i made for brandons gift card. I am very proud of my scallop rotary cutter. Cut through two layers of felt like butter.
My first attempts at Shrinkydink. I kind of fell in love with the process, not so much in love with anything i made. I really like the birds but they didnt shrink evenly and my circles(cut out with my circle cutter to assure the circleness of the circles) turned out oval.
valentine i made brandon:


brooke said...

ok....the little book you made is ADORABLE!! and i think you are silly because the shrinky dinks look fabulous dahling! keep rockin the groove thang!

denese said...

today we were leaving to take ronnie to work and he handed me the mail saying, who's r. gregg? i first got very excited then told him: rachael, my friend & valentine.

thank you so much, day after valentine's day valentine! i loved your sweet card and am constantly looking forward to our next meeting, whenever that will be.