im famous, in some circles

I was on the back cover of the Ikea Portland Passion news letter! Issue 19 that came out March 2009. Exciting i know. When I can get images to upload i will show you all.


fully functioning like a half wit

i have been trying to upload the images onto etsy but it wont let me, i dont know why. its frustrating though. they appear to be working here?



i have done it, kind of.

i put some items up for sale over at my etsy


although i have no uploaded photos, because its late and too dark to take photos. that will be tomorrows chore.



i got my left lower wisdom tooth removed. the right side of my face wouldnt numb. even after twice the painkilling shots.



miss brooke i love you

my mom walked into my room this morning with a white package in her hand asking 'whos b. harris?', I said 'a rockstar! no mom, its amys roommate.'

I did what I was always told to do, I opend the card first, my mom got really antsy and while i was reading said 'rachael, open the other part, I want to see what you got!!!" (the card was really cute by the way)

now really mom, for 23 years you have been telling me to read the cards first, practice what you preach pretty lady.

So the bag I got, which i will take a picture of i promise, is like the perfect handmade bag! its so cute, grey and yellow, fits over my shoulder and is big enough to steal the baby elephant from the zoo! Brooke also gave me March's project of the month from her mothers scrapbook store, bella scrapbooking, and i cant wait to get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow and craft while high on pain killers!!

brooke lynn harris, thank you, from the bottom of my heart it made my day! my week, my whole spring break!
you all should check out www.brookeinc.etsy.com and get your own awesome bag!


goodbye for now

I am currently on spring break. this means i currently do not have internet access since i do not have a computer at my house.

yes, this kinda blows. what will i do?!?

friends, snail mail write me, i get my wisdom teeth taken out on tuesday and will need some old fashioned mailed love. wish me luck.

I will try to get some love out to all of you as well.

congrats to heather for being the first to comment on the last post and winning the print, brooke good luck next time!

in the mean time check out all of the blogs i have listed to the left, they are awesome.

xoxo rachael


Free is the new expensive.

I will be giving away a free signed print to the first person to comment "I love free things, and Rachael" on this post.

This is fun, I like giving things away. I need to probably just sell things though, tuition didn't get the 'free is the new expensive' memo.

The print is on Ilford Gallerie 8.5x11 smooth pearl paper and printed on a Epson R1800 and the colors will most likely vary a little.


todays work doodle


todays doodle

since i was done with my final stuff i can afford to doodle in between talking/working at school. same old figures with new background. the tree on the right needs to go up about an half inch. oh and the colors were taken from a vintage globe.

dee oh in ee


I have finished my english 102 paper. I have studied all I can for my art history final. All I have left to do is study my butt off for my printing class. I think I will do just fine.

Spring break starts Thursday until April 6th!

aka, i will have no computer access during that time. I apologize.

for now I am going to design a cover page for my english paper.


Polaroid 669

i had a lot of Polaroid 669 film in two of my land cameras.

i attempted to use them up before they were goners but it appears i was too late. light leak anyone? the film was ruined.

except i dropped one on my heater, because i am clumsy and when i ripped about the film i found my hand print! exciting.
i dinked around putting the film on the heater and drawing over it.
I got an interesting effect but stopped after the heart in fear I would come up with a brilliant idea later and not have any film left.

All is not lost.



Brooke is a Taurus and a recent grad from WSU with a BS in Psychology. She lives in Yakima, Washington (with my fabulous cousin) and is fabulous in her own right. I know i have mentioned her before in this blog but i couldn't resist featuring her handmade goodies in her etsy shop! Brooke uses fun designer fabrics and modern patterns to create one of a kind bags and clutches.

Rounded Floral Clutch w/ Button Closure in blue
Big Pleated Bag- Reversible
Reversible Mini Tote

Messenger Bag/Laptop/Book Bag in Pink Floral and Osnaburg



i was accepted into PNCA's Printmaking program!

i got a $3000 scholarship as well, although tuition is $20000+ a year.

im thinking giant bake sale, what are you thinking?


Portfolio olio olio

hold my hand as i sink into the deep

My beautiful, smart, lovely, amazing, funny, too damn tall and skinny cousin Amy is coming to town this weekend. Shes the kind of cousin that I can all at 3am when my boyfriend breaks up with me. the kind of cousin who tells me ice cream is a perfectly good dinner any day of the week. the kind of cousin that would let me sleep on her couch for a whole summer just so i could be close to her. we've been the best of friends for life. we are raising our babies together. I am thrilled. I am so thrilled I even made a keepsake book for our photographs to go in so we can cherish the memories forever.

College Applications... check

I have completed my college applications to the Oregon College of Art and Craft, in book making, and the Pacific Northwest College of Art, in print making.

cross your fingers for me.

I'll keep you all posted on the outcome.