College Applications... check

I have completed my college applications to the Oregon College of Art and Craft, in book making, and the Pacific Northwest College of Art, in print making.

cross your fingers for me.

I'll keep you all posted on the outcome.


denese said...

heck yeah i'm crossing my fingers for you! i visited the college of art & craft while in high school...i wanted to move into that place. okay, i still do. fuck nannying, fuck daycares, fuck early childhood development degree, fuck my nonexistent art portfolio. i wanna go there. with you. if for nothing else but to call the campus my own. so adorable and inspiring. so you!

good luck valentine, with both schools!

rachael said...

thanks denese!

and im pretty sure you should leave your baby with it's baby daddy so we can follow that dream of yours!

we would own the campus!