miss brooke i love you

my mom walked into my room this morning with a white package in her hand asking 'whos b. harris?', I said 'a rockstar! no mom, its amys roommate.'

I did what I was always told to do, I opend the card first, my mom got really antsy and while i was reading said 'rachael, open the other part, I want to see what you got!!!" (the card was really cute by the way)

now really mom, for 23 years you have been telling me to read the cards first, practice what you preach pretty lady.

So the bag I got, which i will take a picture of i promise, is like the perfect handmade bag! its so cute, grey and yellow, fits over my shoulder and is big enough to steal the baby elephant from the zoo! Brooke also gave me March's project of the month from her mothers scrapbook store, bella scrapbooking, and i cant wait to get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow and craft while high on pain killers!!

brooke lynn harris, thank you, from the bottom of my heart it made my day! my week, my whole spring break!
you all should check out www.brookeinc.etsy.com and get your own awesome bag!

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brooke said...

yay! i'm glad it arrived safely! and yes! the bag is big enough to steal most anything important and desirable. i.e. baby elephants, baby human, new shoes, bicycle, non-rabid squirrel. you name it. just be ready to run for it. i'm very happy you like it! :D hope you are recovering well!