new math

craig damrauer is my hero.

my house

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one day, i will have my dream house full of pitter patters and it will be all of these photographs merged into one. although, im in no hurry, im really excited to live in a scary old studio by myself while attending art school. all these photographs were taken from design*sponge. a website i frequent often and just loooove.


Udevelop fun!

my photography class went to udevelop in portland, oregon and had a blast. although we only had a couple of hours and there were 3 of us on one enlarger. needless to say we didnt get much printed. heres my results:


i feel loved

thanks to the lovely brooke lynn harris.

monday i received this in the mail after a long hard day at work. it made me very happy.

thank you brooke.


photography 3 assignment

these are scanned in hand processed black and white prints with scanned in vintage illustrations over them. really these are just tests though, i will take the actual print and do laser copy transfers over them with the illustrations. the children will become slightly translucent and blend in more with the scene.

the photographs were taken this last weekend behind my house. these big burly loggers clear cut the backwoods where my brothers, neighbors and i used to play for hours on end. now no one can play there. i wanted to capture the bare property and imagine children still playing.


Loving how the sun makes everything better even when I'm in the darkroom developing


laser copy transfer fun

this process is done by simply color copying anything with a laser printer, gluing the image side down onto something, letting it dry, and then wet the paper and rub off with your finger.

super simple and easy. i have done these a lot and experimented with all sorts of glues, modge-podge works well. in photography III we were assigned this process. i thought i would experiment some more since i already had the process down.

The top image is a transfer onto canvas, the second onto watercolor paper and the third is onto an old found photograph. i am pretty happy with them, especially since i havent really done this process in a while. i need to cover my copies with glue better so i can get all the image, although i kind of love the worn off look.

you should definatly try this process!


todays doodle

yes, i am back at work in the computer lab, my last 10 weeks of work here. since i will no longer be attending classes at clark i can no longer work at clark. but heres todays doodle. i had such greater hopes for this. maybe i will save it and work on it later.


etsy shop up and running

with pictures and all! i sold the yellow measuring cups that everyone loved, but trust me, katie will treat them good!


check it out!

im popular

with the kids.

heres adorable ruby reese munching on a card i made!


flowering book box

i was making this when i cut the end of my thumb off. ali better like it, it cost me a down finger. i saw a woman on an infomercial open a box simular on tv. she opened it and then it cut away to the machine she used, no directions. i figured im smart, i could do it! and low and behold i CAN do it! at the cost of a thumb.
the pattern papers are amy butler, which i bought at fred meyer for $8! 36 double sided 12*12" pages! at michaels the exact same thing would have cost more then double that! go freddies, keep them cute scrapbooking papers coming!


auntie teri's birthday card

i made this "card" for aunt teri's 60th bday. its made with chipboard and a scrapbook kit i got from ross for $2.50! i really like it. ofcourse the pics loaded backwards, note to self, so the top one is the back and the acutal "card" part while the rest is like a mini scrapbook.

thank yous

i made these cards as thank yous to brooke and margo. i really liked them.

crafting injury


i cut off the tip of my left thumb with an xacto knife.

yes kids, no joke.

i will take a pic when the healing starts.