laser copy transfer fun

this process is done by simply color copying anything with a laser printer, gluing the image side down onto something, letting it dry, and then wet the paper and rub off with your finger.

super simple and easy. i have done these a lot and experimented with all sorts of glues, modge-podge works well. in photography III we were assigned this process. i thought i would experiment some more since i already had the process down.

The top image is a transfer onto canvas, the second onto watercolor paper and the third is onto an old found photograph. i am pretty happy with them, especially since i havent really done this process in a while. i need to cover my copies with glue better so i can get all the image, although i kind of love the worn off look.

you should definatly try this process!


heather said...

do you have a bug in my house and are you reading my mind? i've been trying to do this the past few days with different techniques and only robert knows that..weirdddd

rachael said...

lol, nope, not stalking you. we had to do this for a photography class assignment.