free stuff!

well for me, sorry readers. my boss, the lovely ian beckett, couldn't let marjorie hirsch, the gallery director for the archer gallery, through away the galleries old cups, saucers, utencils and so on because he knew they would find a good home one day. today is that day. they found my home. well my soon to be home in a couple of months when i find a place to move home.

exciting. now i need somewhere to move to. any offers?


underwater photo shoot!

my class went to the hough pool and did an underwater photo shoot with cheap film cameras, digital cameras in ziplocks, and an inexpensive underwater digital camera my teacher bought. I will write more about this later, but I have to run!


the vancouverists

the vancouverists


Cold sheets, patty griffin, sunshine through the blinds and drumcore. Favorite day of the year.


current work

This is what i have been up to lately. In case you were wondering. I have a decent size collection of old books, of various types, and i love using them in collage style work. I love layering paint and paper to create landscapes. This is acrylic, watercolor and found paper on a 4*4*1" found wood block.

what do you think?


illustrating my lack of skills

This is a mock up book jacket for a made up book. My illustrator class was assigned to design a book cover using illustrator. (I have designed award winning book covers before, did you know? Not to toot my own horn or anything, but yeah, its true. I mean i did have help, but psh, let me bathe in the glory. It's the only thing ive done.) back to the cover, i had this color scheme in mind from the beginning and i tried the Popsicle in orange, but i just didnt love it.

i was wondering what you think of it. i like getting feedback on work.


magic is cool

My photography class is doing alternative process printing! so exciting! i took family photos and made digital negatives for mine. the top image is van dyke brown and the one below is cyanotype. these are UV processes and its magic to watch them develop in the sun! and we all know magic is cool. i am going to spend my whole weekend in the photography lab working on more!