my momma and me at work.
at baldwin & foster with ian beckett. thanks for the post card ian!


Where has the time went?

I am so sorry I have not kept any of you readers up to date on anything. My home computer does not work well with the blogging.

I start school on the 31st of this month! Hopefully I will be moving soon as well! The apartment people seem to be really bad at answering phones and calling me back. Hmm. Patience is a virtue?

I have been to baldwin & foster again! Ian took me on monday, we also went to stumptown printing, that was a blast! its like heaven in these shops, althogh stumptown is a little more organized version of heaven then b&f. I was able to run a letter head job at b&f on a Vandercook 3. So much fun!

I also am now working for the federal government as a graphics clerk intern. I have the job for a year. I work 40 hours a week while not in school and we'll work out what i will do while i am in school. I drew this picture for work, because the government seems to be all work, no play. jk.
I do not know what is happening to the colors? honestly, they do not look like that in illustrator. I might have to resave it. i should get back to work though.