stop animation

this is my very first stop animation. i dont know whats up with the camera in the animation lab at school but it makes everything green. someone mentioned it might be stuck on night vision. which totally doesn't help a thing. also its way faster than it's supposed to be. i should have shot it in twos. or threes even.

life is busy

like a bumble bee. i cat find the cord to my camera so i don't really have a way of posting pictures. besides using my really crappy camera phone.

i am spending my time:

carving wood blocks, drawing more than I ever have, and making stop animations.

I need to spend more time:

breathing downtown air, walking on the waterfront, baking and sewing.

thank you to everyone who has made this big adult like transition easier. I love all of you.




Jedi Patterson

and may the force be with you.