time arts film

christine and i made this movie. yes we know its kind of crappy quality, we had to compress it to upload it to youtube. i apologize.


bear befriending bird

this is my final woodcut project in my first printmaking class at PNCA. I know, its a horrible picture. i will try to scan it in, or get a better one soon. I really like the way it turned out.



No, not Mary Kake and Ashley, Mary Kate and Aaron! Here is an engagement photoshoot i did with them last week. Mary Kate was featured in www.Portlandstyleunveiled.com! Yeah, I have the photo credit.


I cannot wait until the wedding in January. I love you guys.


crafting > science

Confetti makes the tide come in, the moon is just a cover up.



yeah i can make up words and call it art. i just did.

i got a B- on my second project for printmaking. kind of sucks.

i now need a hug and an ice cream cone.


composition class

this is my very first charcoal drawing. we were given an object, a word, and a photograph. my object was orange plastic netting from the grocery store, word was chair and the image was a mirror with light reflecting out of it.

for my first time, i think i did good.


100th post!

100 posts.

one-hundred posts.

o n e - h u n d r e d p o s t s .

so i am sharing some really bad phone camera pictures of some prints i made in my beg. relief and screen class.

this is my very first woodcut for my beg. screen and relief class at pnca. the block was 8*10 and every bit of image that is not black was carved out of the block. this is from the press printed edition. i also printed some by hands.
this was a two color edition of a woodcut for class. we had to print the solid 8*10 block then carve into the block and print over it.
this is the same print in a different color. we had to print it in three different color editions. the last one was purples but it wasn't dry when i brought it home.