thanksgiving 2009

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your mom read the letters you sent her while my mom was cooking in the kitchen. you were missed baby cousin.


porland oregon

i am asking my parents for a new digital camera for christmas. decent quality images should be gracing this blog come january. be patient people.


i love you.

donald bradford tannehill, good luck in basic training. im anxious to get a letter.


my mom > your mom

wendy gail cloud i love you. although i love you slightly more as wendy gail gregg. thanks for marrying her dad. your wedding photos are that much more special knowing i was in mommas tummy. quite possibly my favorite person on earth.


horrible pictures > nothing

Here are some awful cell phone pictures of my screen print assignment that i mentioned a couple of posts ago. I was kind of dissapointed in the lithocrayon. I thought that the crayon would block out more light in the screen when it was exposed but i was wrong. So its a very hand drawn, vintage look. Which isnt bad, im diggin it. I really like screen printing. I might see how some Christmas cards go. Might is the keyword there. I really need to catch up with my studies from being at home with 'monoswinefluaids'.



i really really would like this album. p&ty.



i am a fully functioning adult.

why am i not photographing every move i make, every time i shake?

one hour photo is no longer across the street, its down the street. my scanner is no longer in the other room, its in room 113. but this doesnt mean i should stop photography my life, right? just because 'he' isnt there to put onto film doesnt mean life isnt worth filming.

break free, break threads, break bread and share this world.


proud of my papa

my mom and i were going through old family photographs and we found this true gem. dad was in FFA, for rabbits? apparently male ones. Im going to reproduce a hand drawn, simplified version for my printmaking class. im super excited to learn to screen print. SUPER excited.