oh december, i love you

yesterday while at work it started snowing. hard. like real hard. i rode that max home instead of the bus. it took two and a half hours but i know it would have taken twice that if i had road a bus all the way into downtown. i took better pictures with my lovely new camera but my home internet is not working so i cant upload them. sorry guys.


im here.

Really, I am here. I promise. My home internet isn't working so great. I did receive the camera I wanted for Christmas! So exciting! woot woot!

Im hoping to make it into the screen printing studio next weekend and make a couple of prints. Wouldnt the above one be sweet to give to a friend? We'll see what happens. I will document the process with lots of photos! I love my camera! Thanks mom and dad!


Freezing fog? Really? Come on PNW, what's wrong with you?


final screen project

final screen project
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grandmothers sewing machine receipt. blown up to 11*17 and hand screen printed. theres one more color to finish.


digital sample

sample digital
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here is the design i made from the embroidery that my great great grandmother jorgensen made. i will try take a picture of the actual print soon. this was made in illustrator placing an 'x' over every stitch. it took a while.


great great grandmother

composition final tease, the piece i made from this should get scanned in soon. my great great grandmother Jorgine Jorgensen made this in 1885 when she was 11. Yeah that means its 124 years old! crazy!


seventeen camera phone images

i bought this dress at buffalo.

im a printmaking major.
i drew this is class. charcoal.
i was growing my bangs out and i decided last week that it was a good idea to cut them back off. im diggin it.
turkey heart. favorite part about thanksgiving.
everyone in art school has tattoos. i was jealous.
from the yellow line heading north to my parents.
rachel and i made peanut buttercups! they looked better than this when finished, i swear.
i also learned how to make peppermint patties. i need a wire rack for christmas.
karen is too cool for school playing pool in the student lounge.
i fell in love with these juicy couture flats. almost worth the $78 at the rack.
i hang out with this kid too much.
i need a crafting table.
baby landon. well toddler landon!
baby colin!
carrots straight from the ground.
sooo good.

wow people, i am sorry for the horrible images, i have asked for a new digital camera for christmas. lots of pictures should be coming this way soon. including more crafts, a tour of my favorite portland places and my apartment.




best gap commercial ever

this makes me want kids.

time for a haircut

dear layers, i would like you back in my life.