seventeen camera phone images

i bought this dress at buffalo.

im a printmaking major.
i drew this is class. charcoal.
i was growing my bangs out and i decided last week that it was a good idea to cut them back off. im diggin it.
turkey heart. favorite part about thanksgiving.
everyone in art school has tattoos. i was jealous.
from the yellow line heading north to my parents.
rachel and i made peanut buttercups! they looked better than this when finished, i swear.
i also learned how to make peppermint patties. i need a wire rack for christmas.
karen is too cool for school playing pool in the student lounge.
i fell in love with these juicy couture flats. almost worth the $78 at the rack.
i hang out with this kid too much.
i need a crafting table.
baby landon. well toddler landon!
baby colin!
carrots straight from the ground.
sooo good.

wow people, i am sorry for the horrible images, i have asked for a new digital camera for christmas. lots of pictures should be coming this way soon. including more crafts, a tour of my favorite portland places and my apartment.



Kate said...

just get a real tattoo. i love mine and i'd like 1-2 more.

rachael said...

i want an ampersand on my wrist but im so scared to get it!

Kate said...

ahh! that'd be super cute! i want an anchor on my wrist. but i've had a lack of money and blaine is anti-tattoo. he was way pissed when i got mine. so i've been holding off but idk how much longer i can!!