song of the month April!

Her voice is sweet like cotton candy.

The real video is way cute but im not able to embed it. I apologize.

My own best housewife.

Today I did so much.

I turned in my American Radicalism midterm paper.
I showed Dr. Nandini that I could solve 2/3 of my rubiks cube.
I called my momma to tell her so.
I fell in love with my boyfriend, Retarded Bear.
retarded bear
I hung/folded all my laundry.
I reorganized my clothes closet.
I let go of silly things.
letting go
I separated all of my danties and put them in drawers.
I moved my bed and vanity.
new arrangment
I remembered about the ugly carpet stain under my bed.
I did two loads of dishes.
I made a delicious peanut chicken and rice lunch.
I cleaned my studio apartment.
I made brown sugar from this recipe.
brown sugar
I made cookies from this recipe.
I watched Dr Phil and laughed. (dont judge me)
I watched oprah and cried. (dont judge me)
I complained about a small scratch.
im a baby
I threw out old food from the fridge.
I did two starbucks surveys for 2 free drinks.
I made an inspired dinner.
baked penne
I lost a button off my blouse.
I altered a dress.

Currently I'm praying for MK and dreaming of us in the studio, printing posters.

productive rainy day

I am trying to take advantage of my afternoon off, the rainy weather and my lack of heat. Rearranging furniture will not only keep me dry in doors but also allows me 9 minutes between cookie baking time.

I'll try and post photos of the kind of new, but not really that new layout.

In the mean time I am going to get fat on cookies.


kissing you.

i loved that you were 14 inches taller than me & you leaned down for kisses.
i loved that you were 12 inches taller than me & i stretched my whole body to kiss you.
i loved that you were 6 inches taller than me & that we met in the middle.
i loved that you were 2 inches taller than me & kissing was so easy, how did we ever stop?

kissing you was like kissing a fool, kissing a fool, you were kissing one too.

2005, I love you.

i found this tonight, when searching through files.

he did love me.


Dear Misters

I had an awful day. Last day of spring break, you were disappointing.

value motel

I'm not that girl who wants to go camping.
I'm not that girl who wants to be your friendly friend.
I'm not gorgeous in the morning.
I'm not well read.
I'm not into your band.
I'm not into your car.
I'm not into your bike.
Three years after breaking up with you, I don't want you back.
Three months after dating you, I needed more than you give.
I don't have money to spend on lavish dinners.
I don't have money to spend at the bar.
I'm not the other girl.
I'm not cool enough to meet your friends.
I don't dress head to toe in your favorite indie label.

But I love falling asleep in your t-shirt, kissing your shoulders, listening to the rain trickle down your windows. I loved taking care of you and your house. I loved sitting in the park with you and naming our children. Holding your hand while hiking is worth the balancing act. I loved stopping the elevator to sneak in a quick cuddle. I love scratching your back until my arms got tired, although touching you could never be tiring. I love the kisses you give me on my forehead. I love the kisses you give my wrists. I love that our trip to the art museum as full of affection. I love sneaking eskimo kisses in the halls of school. I love the way we share shy looks at the copy machine.

I really love the thought of really loving. You were not him. You are not him. You cannot be him.


Silly not feeling well dreams

"You can wear your baseball cap, if I can wear my red cowboy boots and our wedding theme is vintage all American red, white and blue." When I'm sick I have funny dreams, usually about the future, a clear reminder that mine is solo. Do you remember my lovely July wedding out in country under a big oak tree next to the weathered red barn? There were flag buntings in red white and blue, vintage lace table tops, Ball jars full of candles everywhere, lemonade in every flavor, children played baseball out in the open field, and yes, there might have been a grass stain on my handmade cream lace dress. Oh? you don't? Damn.

Last night it was as if i was dreaming pre-wedding planning bliss. Curled up on a couch, eating pesto(last nights dinner), explaining to my to be husband that it's OK if he wears his baseball cap to our wedding, as long as he lets me wear my red cowboy boots. Mind you, I have no idea who I was talking to, he was in the other room and I was politely yelling. I was also feeding our mutt mushrooms from my plate. He laughed sarcastically and yelled back "deal baby, deal."

Now I am not getting married, or in a serious relationship. Does dating even count if I haven't seen him in like two weeks? Casual dating? It's like sick Rachael dreams of things she cannot have. Also, who wears baseball caps at their wedding ceremony? The husband of a bride who will walk down the aisle to the Imperial March, thats who.

Reality, please come back soon. This dizzy haze of sickness is not good for my sanity.

all images are from greenweddingshoes.blogspot.com and stylemepretty.com


I can cook!

Linguine with Basil Pesto and Mushrooms. I added one more dish to my list of dinners I can cook. It was delicious if I do say so myself. I'll tweak the recipe a little next time but this was a really good base to start from. Looking forward to feeding this to someone.


dutch baby!

dutch baby!
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i forget that im a crafty girl. no food in the house yet i somehow manage to whip together this little slice of heaven.

Recipe here.



I saw this painting via design is mine and really loved it. Does anyone have $150 lying around? 'Cause if you do.... I need my electric bill paid, but if you have $300 lying around, I need my electric bill paid AND this painting. You can check out more of Angela Simione's work here.


old film

old film
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I was going through some stuff and found this cd of scanned film photographs. This was about 3 or 4 years ago in an old friends backyard. I miss that shirt.

ryan jacob smith!

ryan jacob smith

i finally bought a frame for my rjs print! i love it! this is not the final resting place, im planning on hanging it above my work area, once it gets painted and pretty.

ryan jacob smith

ryan jacob smith knows how to spell my name. or at least recognizes when its wrong. now if only we could get grandma to do the same.



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Noelle and I adventured down the block to the Ace Hotel's lobby today. This is the prelude to the real adventure, which i am sorry you will never see. It's a secret personal gift for someone very special. I played look out.


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I took a step forward and bought some journals. Three 64 paged 3.5 by 5.5 inch journals and three 80 paged 5 by 8.25 inch journals. I also got down my screen to take to school, clean and use.

One step at a time people, one step at a time.

oh hey

so true.

getting over the flu is the best part about the flu. I took at 4 hour long nap after math yesterday and i slept in until 11am this morning. I just can't get enough sleep after I've been sick. It's ok though, it's good for me to get some rest.

I have 3 weeks, maybe 4, of lit. homework to do. I have to read an entire book for american radicalism. I need a rubicks cube for math and I have 3 copperplates with hardground on them ready to be drawn on. Life is busy, but thats ok.

I have a couple of other things to share, but I'll wait until after I grab a quick shower.


song of the month March!

This is kind of late, I know.

Books Written For Girls by Camera Obscura

hi im a printmaker

hi, i'm a print maker and i haven't been making prints. Not feeling well means not being able to go to the studio to work. Not having money means not being able to buy supplies. Not having my etsy account active means not being able to sell anything. soooo, now that i know what i need to do, and i wrote it down, i have a better chance of doing it?!! right!?!

im hoping to screen print on some journals soon. i have some thank you/birthday/i think you're cool gifts that i need to be made.


i know

I've been slacking in this blog world. I am apologize. I have not been feeling very well, apparently if there's a flubug out there, i'll catch it. I did take my cousins senior pictures this last weekend. Here's a couple shots from that.



i love photography, but by no means am i a photographer, but i do like a good hobby.