hi im a printmaker

hi, i'm a print maker and i haven't been making prints. Not feeling well means not being able to go to the studio to work. Not having money means not being able to buy supplies. Not having my etsy account active means not being able to sell anything. soooo, now that i know what i need to do, and i wrote it down, i have a better chance of doing it?!! right!?!

im hoping to screen print on some journals soon. i have some thank you/birthday/i think you're cool gifts that i need to be made.


Anonymous said...

yes lady!! start print making!! i want to see you print make!! ....wait... did that sound creepy!! hehe sorry! you know what i mean!.. i hope hahaha :)

rachael said...

haha, i really need to take some decent images of my screen prints from last semester and post them. being forced to do intaglio/lithography at school right now drains me from doing what i really want to do. :(