My own best housewife.

Today I did so much.

I turned in my American Radicalism midterm paper.
I showed Dr. Nandini that I could solve 2/3 of my rubiks cube.
I called my momma to tell her so.
I fell in love with my boyfriend, Retarded Bear.
retarded bear
I hung/folded all my laundry.
I reorganized my clothes closet.
I let go of silly things.
letting go
I separated all of my danties and put them in drawers.
I moved my bed and vanity.
new arrangment
I remembered about the ugly carpet stain under my bed.
I did two loads of dishes.
I made a delicious peanut chicken and rice lunch.
I cleaned my studio apartment.
I made brown sugar from this recipe.
brown sugar
I made cookies from this recipe.
I watched Dr Phil and laughed. (dont judge me)
I watched oprah and cried. (dont judge me)
I complained about a small scratch.
im a baby
I threw out old food from the fridge.
I did two starbucks surveys for 2 free drinks.
I made an inspired dinner.
baked penne
I lost a button off my blouse.
I altered a dress.

Currently I'm praying for MK and dreaming of us in the studio, printing posters.


brooke said...

cute! i love lists!

rachael said...

me too! i cleaned out my coat pockets last week before taking it to the dry cleaners and they were full of lists. made me laugh.

Jeni said...

Wow, you were a busy little bee! :)