Silly not feeling well dreams

"You can wear your baseball cap, if I can wear my red cowboy boots and our wedding theme is vintage all American red, white and blue." When I'm sick I have funny dreams, usually about the future, a clear reminder that mine is solo. Do you remember my lovely July wedding out in country under a big oak tree next to the weathered red barn? There were flag buntings in red white and blue, vintage lace table tops, Ball jars full of candles everywhere, lemonade in every flavor, children played baseball out in the open field, and yes, there might have been a grass stain on my handmade cream lace dress. Oh? you don't? Damn.

Last night it was as if i was dreaming pre-wedding planning bliss. Curled up on a couch, eating pesto(last nights dinner), explaining to my to be husband that it's OK if he wears his baseball cap to our wedding, as long as he lets me wear my red cowboy boots. Mind you, I have no idea who I was talking to, he was in the other room and I was politely yelling. I was also feeding our mutt mushrooms from my plate. He laughed sarcastically and yelled back "deal baby, deal."

Now I am not getting married, or in a serious relationship. Does dating even count if I haven't seen him in like two weeks? Casual dating? It's like sick Rachael dreams of things she cannot have. Also, who wears baseball caps at their wedding ceremony? The husband of a bride who will walk down the aisle to the Imperial March, thats who.

Reality, please come back soon. This dizzy haze of sickness is not good for my sanity.

all images are from greenweddingshoes.blogspot.com and stylemepretty.com