work attire!
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i had a day, let me tell you. 'cause this is my blog and that is what i do.

first off, this picture was taken this morning before any of this happened.

I went to work, which wasn't awful but Mr. MTV(another intern) called me his secretary and that is not appreciated.

I ordered a book for class from powells and had it sent to the store instead of my apartment. apparently that means it takes twice as long!?! i live two blocks from the store, how does that take longer?!

I had an eye doctor appointment after work, which i am always nervous about. honestly, it was the best part of the day. Dr. New Eye Doctor, whom I have never met before, was so charming and good looking. I was sitting in the waiting room and he came out to greet me, shook my hand and then held on to help me up, which did not come off weird at all but instead super sweet. He made a joke about my purse looking like luggage. He told me I could take a seat in the electric chair. He told my I had beautiful blue eyes. he also said "this is going to sting a little..." *puts drops in my eyes* "...its battery acid." hahahaha oh my, best eye doctor joke ever. When he was looking at my eyes close up through the weird magnified glass thing, he told me to tell him immediately if i smelled smoke or saw a flame flicker. ha, as if the equipment was going to send me into flames. He had a sweet smile and then he told me I had 20/400 vision. 20/400!?! I am blind.
It broke my little heart, my eyes are as bad at my fathers.

My mother drove me to the bus stop downtown so I didnt have to sit in the rain, which was nice of her. Unfortunately I would have rather sat in the rain for a week all day instead of witness what happened next.

Theres 3 AAA trucks, a car and a police man stopped on the highway, on the exit we need. Theres no one directing traffic until my mom takes the exit, a man stops us. I can see something lying on the ground, something slightly moving. no blood though. People are standing around, staring. Then i see the police man jerk his arms super fast, pick up whats left of the dog and drag him across the highway, right in front of our car. Half a german shepard, who's was just put out of his misery by a police man, right there on the interstate. snapped his neck. im sorry to be graphic, but honestly you're getting the sugar coated story. my mom and i cover our eyes instantly, mother screams, "dont make us watch, let us drive pass, please dont do this in front of us." when they finally let us pass, we race off the exit and roll our windows down, fresh air keeps one from losing their lunch, right?

thanks life, day officially ruined.

tomorrow, please bring sunshine.


Ashlotte said...

Oh no that is so terrible!!!!! I'm sorry you had an awful day! And about your eyes... that's never something you want to hear when your an artist! My mom had a hereditary degenerative eye disease, so I totally feel you there, I'm just waiting to hear the news one day that my eyes are crapping out on me! I hope you got some sleep though and that your day is better today!!! <3

rachael said...

thank you so much for the warm thoughts! today's been much better. I'll try and post something later.

Jeni said...

Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear about your terrible day! :(