i crack myself up

you know those shirts.. "my grandparents went to the beach and all i got was this stupid shirt?"

while roaming 100 layer cake, and lovelybride I found myself paying too much attention to the guests gifts, do they have a special name? anyway, i thought to myself, as a 24 year old woman, im going to have the best wedding giveaways... something like... 'Rachael & Brad Pitt got married and all i got was this stupid totebag' hahah. so funny to me. i plan on letterpressing/screen printing my own paper wedding goods, i could screen a matching tote bag while at it.

ahhh, one day people, one day i will find myself happiness. I hope its wrapped in a big red bow so i dont look it by.

heres some lovely dress, that happen to be white, and happen to be on brides.

images found on lovelybride

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Ashlotte said...

Ooooh super pretty! And yeah way to go with the screenprinting/letterpressing all your wedding things!! I plan on doing the same, we'll see how that goes!