new dress.

I dont have a picture of me in this dress but the models cute, so you'll survive. I kind of fell in love with the pattern, its a small floral but some of the 'flowers' are hearts. super cute detail. Im not a model in size by any means, at 5'4" 127 lbs, so i'll cinch the waist with a braided leather belt. also the dress hits my knees, i love that length on me. I was happy to get the last one.

I was also happy when i got to the register and it rang up at $20 instead of the $49.50.

killer deal.

hope everyone had a great weekend!


Noelle said...

By the way,

You are more important than my silly obligations. I'm sorry that bar was so damn loud.

I might just end up doing homework Tuesday night 'cause I got a paper due Wednesday. But I really want to go get into trouble with you and with margarita's.


Becky Farley said...

It is cute - I'm about the same size and I'm ok with dresses being a bit longer then I don't have to worry about bending over or any of that! It's a perfect spring dress, plus $20 bucks you can't beat that! :)