three weeks and counting

ohhh apartment
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i only have three weeks of my spring 2010 semester left. this means i am running around with my dead cut off. i am busier than ever.

starting a newish position at work.
finishing loose ends at school.
contemplating a second chance.

i cant wait for summer.
i cant wait for next fall.
next spring im a senior.
then summer.
than i graduate.

i graduate. phew.


Ashlotte said...

Good luck finishing up school!! I know what you mean, I'm in the same boat, but.... I'm done at the end of next week--yikes! BUT that's exciting that you graduate next year! Do you know what you want to do when you get out?

rachael said...

good luck to you!!!

Im a printmaking major, i want to start my own letterpress business when im done. get married, raise me some babies, run a household.

i currently work for a federal office, im a graphic design intern. not exactly what im going to school for but it pays well and i generally like it. i hope to get on full time when i graduate, get money to pay off student loans, start up my business.

how about yourself?

Anonymous said...

eeep rachael my boyfriends going to pnca in the fall for his mfa that means we MUST meet up for some curry!!! no excuses for sure! :D