yuck post.

I am so sorry I have been gone for so long. Life has hit me. Started an uncomfortable 40 hours a week at work. It's a-whole-nother story and it wont be posted in public, lets just say im rearranging my cube so a certain creep cant stare at me while doing everything. Rovetto, thank you for letting me move your cube around too, even though you dont read this. Megan, I miss you so much! Work isn't the same if I cant gossip with you. New students are in the building but they are either upstairs or in materials, aka not close to my desk.

As for the rest life, I got an A, 2 B's and a C-?!?! wtf, thats passing at this school but that feels like crap I worked so hard in that class, just as hard as in all my other classes. Frickin A. It's been good to not be at school for two weeks. Although I never cleaned out my lockers and Im sure that the studio guy threw all my stuff away, Im kind of not that sad about it. blah.

I helped out with bring your child to work day and got awarded a $25 giftcard. I could pick from several places and i chose homedepot so I could buy paint for my apartment! I'm very excited about this. The walls will be a sandy color, I havent decided yet, just something nutreul and warm to add some warmth to the white walls. Also I will be painting the inside of the murphy bed closet a bright robins egg. I think that will be fun, I have a whole plan for redoing the closet and maximizing the space.

Im dating B again. It's familiar, in good and bad ways. Not sure what's happening there, not sure how I feel about all of it. And it is way to obvious that he feels the same way. So I'm just not going to say much on here.

I havent done any crafting, any art making or had any free time to relax really. I hope that changes soon.

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Noelle said...

The last paragraph I can relate to entirely. It's summer, aren't we supposed to have More time? I'm confused by life. I have wednesday off. Let's relax together and try to revive our creative juices, or creative margarita's...=)