Dear July,

radio flyer

I will try to get my film camera out and use it more.
I will also try and get my digital camera out and use it more.
I will capture moments so I don't forget.
I am so excited for a wedding.
I can't wait for the smell of fireworks.
I am ready for my summer glow.
I want to sit in the river as the cool water rushes past me.
I am anxious for ARS lessons.
I am ready to see the ocean.
I am ready for kisses on warm skin at dusk.

with love,

what would you add to this list?


Raspberry Linzer Cheese Danishes

Picture from shutterbeans blog

I love shutterbean's website. Full of delicious yet easy recipes. This one originally came from a Rachael Ray magazine, but dont judge! Also no pastry dough making required, it calls for store bought. Which honestly is my kind of baking, and more Sandra Lee than Rachael Ray.

I cannot wait to try this recipe out, the ingredients are so easy to find and I love a danish. I really recommend you head over to their site to see more of the gorgeous photography that goes with these recipes.



pardon the layout issues. when i have time i will fix them.

best weekend ever.

sushi with my mom and aunt from out of town.
beers with said mom and aunt.
bbq with the parents.
fresh raspberries from the garden.
vintage plaid 60's sun dress.
warm hugs from the boy.
drinks and games with margo.
clean laundry.
fresh paint.
chocolate fudge brownies.
warm sun on my skin.
sing a longs.

lovely little green.

I thought my lobster skin went really well with the green tank top. Gotta love some complimentary colors.
I painted the inside of my murphy bed closet. Its a lovely shade of acid green. This camera phone image doesnt do it justice. when i have the shelf built, i'll show you how glorious it really is. In the mean time, you'll suffer with this image. It adds a great pop of color to the apartment. I am so excited to have the project done.


catch up aka way too personal blog entry.

way back when
i like to sit on top of him.

so i thought i would catch some of you up on whats going on in my life.

I am working as a student graphic designer for The Man. You know, the man who you pay your taxes to. I got a new desk, I work for two departments, I've been kicking ass and getting work done!

I am rethinking my school options. Im not convinced PNCA is the right school for me. I dont hate it, I just dont love it. I wanted to LOVE art school so bad. Im signed up for fall classes, so we'll see what happens. I know that going to another school would mean retaking classes to fit their circiculum and I wont graduate in 3 semesters, but going to a school I really like is worth that, right? Especially if it's not at a private school price tag.

summer time loves.

Now lemme tell you about this boy in my life. B. He's hella fine, kickass, super cool. And by that, I mean he is a huge quirky nerd. We met at a party at the Berry Farm(yes a literal berry farm that an old friends dad owns). It was June 2007, I had just been dumped earlier that day, thanks AJ. B had long hair, scruffy face, and was quiet for the most part of the night. Anyway, I grabbed his hand, and we ran through the raspberries rows, fast, in limited clothing. I was his first kiss. Ever.

The night I met him.

That summer was amazing. I cut his hair off, literally with my scissors, I cleaned him up, got him into boyfriend shape. But I didnt want a relationship, I tried to pass him off to my other girlfriends. He always came back to me. We sharred our love for the outdoors, star wars, and stories about childhood adventures. Spent everyday with eachother. We soon learned everything about eachother. We made future plans, named kids, picked out a dog. and then it hit me. I am in a relationship with a man I love. crap. Pretty sure I broke up with him every month for ever. What is a girl to do when she is so scared to committ? We always waited a couple of days and everything would be fine.

one year
Our one year.

Then September of 2009 came. I moved, new state, new apartment, new school, new life and then GP passed away. Breakdown. Complete breakdown. I ended the relationship. I ran, fast and far. until I hit a void. I was dating other people, I was having fun living the single life downtown portland. I had it all. I missed B. I would call, he wouldnt answer. I would email, he wouldnt respond. Finally in mid April I emailed him for closure. I wrote a novel and decided to only send about 3 sentences of it. He came to my apartment. I said what I needed to say and he stayed. looking at me, hadnt seen eachother in 6 months. After a weird awkward stumbling night he left in a super hurry in the morning. Then texted me "i am still in love with you." Now Im a cool cat and im sure I came off that way. NOT. I was finally ready to let go and he still loved me? What did I just do.

brandon in my apron he made me
Apron he made me.

Fast forward to now. Late June, its been two months. His hair is long again, his face scruffy. He's the man i met at the berry farm. I love him more than I can tell you. He moved 6 hours away for school in September. I know that doesnt seem far, but I dont drive. He'll be gone. Away, not here. I need here. IM NEEDY. Ugh.
art student annual
I like to make art with the ones i love.

We are doing our best to keep our heads up.

baseball game.

We missed eachothers birthdays over winter, July 1st Marks his half birthday, Im planning on making it special. We'll see how well these plans come off. I'll post pictures of it all works out.

Sorry about the way to personal blog entry.


too cool for school

too cool for school
Originally uploaded by rachaelgregg
I woke up at 5:40am. HAPPY AND RESTED. what is up with that? Usually I hit the snooze button every ten minutes until 6:30am. Not today. Today I got up and I did stuff. Like I am supposed to.

Thank you sunshine, goodbye seasonal depression.

seriously i have to have giant glasses to fit over my real glasses. you can still see my real glasses through the sun glasses lenses, so its super dorky! lol i got a hair cut, not that you can tell in this picture.

NOTICE: lack of nose ring, ohh i look so unalternative. haha


a little too many tears of joy

Fathers day.

I give my dad a gift card in the exact amount after tax that the cd he wanted was(I couldnt find it). I give him a sweet card that i hand wrote my favorite memories in. I pull the very small box out of my back pocket and hand it to him.

"whats this?"
"its your other gift"

He opened it, stood up, gave me a great big hug and cried. flushed cheeks streaming tears cried. My grown father. I then explained that the nose ring had been out of my nasal septum and in that box for weeks. Over a month. He couldn't believe it. He was in shock.

Then we went to sushi and ate as much eel as we could fit into our bellies. Such a good day.


happy fathers day

this is my dad, on the left. circa before kids, before marrying mom. I think thats his girlfriend and on the right is his best friend Lynn, whom Im named after.

Remember feet in the fan?
and rough bellies?
fishing on the lake
bicycle rides
swap meets
lewis and clark adventures
long stories
science fiction
cookies in the volkswagon van
peas from the garden
tattoos for old girlfriends
3 blond babies
1 blond adult
that teenager in the front row with over alls(mama)
FFA bunnies
long car rides
rocking to nrk in the middle school parking lot
after school snacks
bbq ribs

for all the memories you gave me, my amazing childhood, and for my amazing adulthood, i love you.


i got married.

Image via stylemepretty

JUST KIDDING! but seriously, this is perfect. anyone who knows me knows my love for my red cowboy boots.



Nice type.
great packaging.
fell in love with the names of these beautiful colors.
I like water, and i love this palette. how could you not just think thats super cute?
love the typography
love old cameras
loving the thought of july. these colors and that ribbon are amazing.

most of it was from thedieline and other blogs. i have no sources really though, sue me.

lack of teenage angst.

oh hey, this is my stepping stool i got from my dead grandma

This weekend marks fathers day and almost 2 months of my nose ring being out of my nose. I had a sinus infection, it was gross. I've had the nose ring for years, dad has complained for years. he's asked to have it for christmas' and birthdays and fathers days. well heres to you dad.

i tied a ribbon in a bow around it, put it in a small box and sealed it up. so i would have no want to put it back in. well HE NEVER NOTICED! i was expecting him to notice right away. like RIGHT AWAY. I have wiggled my nose, flared my nostrils, GOD FORBID even faked picked my nose all to get his attention. He hasnt said anything. Yesterday I even brought up that my ear rings had been making my right ear hurt. he went and got alcohol pads for me, said nothing about the nose ring.

I dont know if he just hasnt said anything, or if he just really hasnt noticed.



I just cant resist posting this ridiculous photo of B. Not only is he styling his current hair after farrah but he's wearing my vintage army issued glasses. What a crack up. I should mention he is intoxicated, see the wine in the PLASTIC cup? We are classy folk, we know.

Natalie Graduates!

Natalie with her diplomaAnnouncement

My baby cousin Natalie graduated high school this last Friday, June 11, 2010. How scary... for me! She's 6 years younger than myself. I was the perfect doll playing age with Natalie was born, I remember dressing her up and playing house. She was always a willing model for my high school photography classes and we got into some mischief sometimes. Margarita night at the D&D house, accidentally stealing a frappicino from Fred Meyers, spilling an orange julius all over anchor blues denim rack, and all over herself. This girl provides good laughs and that snickery attitude. I took her senior pictures and made her announcement cards, she deserves every last but of it! She is all grown up and moving to Seattle in a couple of weeks. It's crazy how time passes. I hope you know how much I love you girl!