lack of teenage angst.

oh hey, this is my stepping stool i got from my dead grandma

This weekend marks fathers day and almost 2 months of my nose ring being out of my nose. I had a sinus infection, it was gross. I've had the nose ring for years, dad has complained for years. he's asked to have it for christmas' and birthdays and fathers days. well heres to you dad.

i tied a ribbon in a bow around it, put it in a small box and sealed it up. so i would have no want to put it back in. well HE NEVER NOTICED! i was expecting him to notice right away. like RIGHT AWAY. I have wiggled my nose, flared my nostrils, GOD FORBID even faked picked my nose all to get his attention. He hasnt said anything. Yesterday I even brought up that my ear rings had been making my right ear hurt. he went and got alcohol pads for me, said nothing about the nose ring.

I dont know if he just hasnt said anything, or if he just really hasnt noticed.


EVA said...

I want to get a nose ring again. I think I do anyway. Is 27 too old for a nose ring?

rachael said...

Eva, it's totally not too old! Really it's never too old! I want to get my nostril pierced now that i have the ring out of my septum! haha

Anonymous said...

haha! my dad is the same way! he never notices things like that!

rachael said...

ugh liz! how do we fix this?!