Natalie Graduates!

Natalie with her diplomaAnnouncement

My baby cousin Natalie graduated high school this last Friday, June 11, 2010. How scary... for me! She's 6 years younger than myself. I was the perfect doll playing age with Natalie was born, I remember dressing her up and playing house. She was always a willing model for my high school photography classes and we got into some mischief sometimes. Margarita night at the D&D house, accidentally stealing a frappicino from Fred Meyers, spilling an orange julius all over anchor blues denim rack, and all over herself. This girl provides good laughs and that snickery attitude. I took her senior pictures and made her announcement cards, she deserves every last but of it! She is all grown up and moving to Seattle in a couple of weeks. It's crazy how time passes. I hope you know how much I love you girl!