Polaroids that work

Taken in 2008 in my parents back yard.

I love when Polaroids work. I pulled my land camera off the shelf the other day, there were two pictures left... so EXCITING. Its a gorgeous sunny day, the light looks great coming through my windows.... and BAM. The film did not work. Neither of them. Just a dark green void.

I have one more pack of 669 film in my fridge. I am very tempted to get it out and use it!


link love

This list is funny and full of truth.

This wedding is full of funny people, including Danny Devito.

I want this dresser for my apartment.

Monday contest.


oh face.
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This is obviously old, since I haven't had the nose ring in for months, but my computer would never upload it until now. Who knows what the problem was. I was playing with the video feature on my camera I got for Christmas last year.

And some people say I can't wink.


no bake cheese cake!

I've been eyeballing this recipe for a couple of weeks and finally decided to try it out tonight. It looks very fourth-of-july-i-love-america. There's nothing wrong with that, its still July, right? The cheese cake is in my fridge right now and I am very anxious to cut into it!

Wednesday night walk

I was being a bit of a downer yesterday evening. After I got off work I was in a super good mood, wanted to treat B to sushi, walk around downtown. Even did a little shopping. But as soon as we got into my apartment, I thought about how much I love that man and how our summer is half way over and he's going away to school. What a debbie downer. So he convinced me to put my shoes back on and adventure out into the warm city.
I take pictures constantly and he obliges to the couple ones but hates the hundred pictures I snap of him for no good reason.

B thinks public art is meant to be played on. like some sort of handmade jungle gym. i convinced him not to climb a concrete piece but couldnt stop him from swinging from this huge metal sculpture.
I felt much better by the time we got back to my apartment. Made him put lotion on my dry legs and cuddle me to sleep. I am not sure what I will do when he's gone.

I used this action to create these images. I dont like taking credit where its not deserved.

so incredibly cute.

You know when you come across something so real and funny that you just can't stop reading? I did that today, here. And I am sure you will do it too if you check out the Nato's family blog.

I found myself laughing out loud several times, staring at the photographs, and connecting with her light-hearted writings on real life mishaps.

Anyway, carry on. Just thought I would share this delight.



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This was taken saturday afternoon in Jameson and Vicki's elevator while we were in Seattle.

Gotta love this angle, right? Everyone is so flattering, no double chin, eyes look more awake, slims the body.

Besides being grumpy from the lack of food, I had a great time walking around Seattle with Brandon. Going in and out of gift shops, eating tourist fudge, dining in local fast food joints, watching boats on the water and laughing at the duck tour buses. Even though we never made it to our final destination, we had a blast in the gorgeous weather seattle graced us with.


11 reasons...

11 reasons to be proud of me this weekend:

1. I didn't apply mascara once all weekend.
2. I didn't blow dry, straighten, or curl my hair.
3. I didnt have to make a single bathroom stop on the car ride to bellevue.
4. I only showered once.
5. I danced my butt off, complete with mild asthma attacks.
6. I only packed what I needed to wear, nothing extra.
7. I only bought half a slice of tourist shop fudge.
8. I didn't pretend I had deep pockets.
9. While walking, I didn't express my hate for seattle hills out loud.
10. I resisted asking B to take me on a carnival ride.
11. When B soaked his favorite white shirt in pizza grease, I got the stain out like a pro.

I love being outdoors but I'm an inside girl really. I love the beach, riding bikes on trails, hiking, camp fires and everything that goes with them but I'm the kind of girl who takes an hour to get ready after she takes a 20 minute shower. I tried really hard to be a low maintenance guest/girlfriend.

Case of the Mondays

Here is a tiny sneak peak of my weekend. When I can get my images to upload from my camera I will have a weekend/wedding/minivacation post.


happy fourth of july

May I suggest you do the following:

Drink lots of this.
Eat lots of delicious food.
Bbq your heart out.
Over decorate.
Lay under the shade of a tree.
Tell someone you love them.
Dress for the occasion.
and go to this.


My bestfriend, Bunny.

Everyday on the way to work I cut through between the Police Station and the freeway, it saved me about 5 minutes of walking. This spring something magical has happened, bunnies are living in the field! How cute! There's Mama Bunny, and at one point there were two babies. There seems to only be one baby now, damn nature. And to be honest the baby is so big i cant tell if this is the baby or the mama! They really bring a bright spot to my morning walk.

Progess, step 1

This obviously needed some improvement. The furniture didnt really fit, although for $5 that desk has done me good. The space lacked organization and structure. Also, I didnt want to commit to a wall color yet, so I decided to take baby step and pic an accent color to go into the murphy bed closet.

After moving everything out of the closet area and into the rest of my studio, I realize how much crap really is in there. whoa. the computer and tv were able to stay plugged in, gotta love my exstension cords!

Empty Closet! My parents let me borrow their 'painting box', which is exactly how it sounds, a box full of things one would need to paint.

25 Minutes later! Wa la! The closet was painted! I even filled holes and fixed gross areas. Notice the really ugly telephone outlet in the middle? WHY!?! would they do this? Makes no sense. I will have to hang something over it.

And then I moved all my crap back into the closet, since I dont have anywhere else to store it and I have to wait a couple weeks before I build the desk that will replace this furniture.

I dont know why I waited so long to do this, it went really fast. I can't wait to have it all put together and cute! I will keep you guys posted on the progress.