11 reasons...

11 reasons to be proud of me this weekend:

1. I didn't apply mascara once all weekend.
2. I didn't blow dry, straighten, or curl my hair.
3. I didnt have to make a single bathroom stop on the car ride to bellevue.
4. I only showered once.
5. I danced my butt off, complete with mild asthma attacks.
6. I only packed what I needed to wear, nothing extra.
7. I only bought half a slice of tourist shop fudge.
8. I didn't pretend I had deep pockets.
9. While walking, I didn't express my hate for seattle hills out loud.
10. I resisted asking B to take me on a carnival ride.
11. When B soaked his favorite white shirt in pizza grease, I got the stain out like a pro.

I love being outdoors but I'm an inside girl really. I love the beach, riding bikes on trails, hiking, camp fires and everything that goes with them but I'm the kind of girl who takes an hour to get ready after she takes a 20 minute shower. I tried really hard to be a low maintenance guest/girlfriend.


lauren verity said...

this is too funny... i just got back from mexico and almost did a post exactly like this! i was SO proud i hardly wore eyeliner, didn't turn on my flat iron for a few days, and for the first time ever had a suitcase that didn't cost a bazillion dollars to check because, FINALLY, it wasn't over weight! congrats... it's the small victories that really count right? :)

rachael said...

oh congrats to you!!! go us!!!