Things I like today, Wendy Gail Cloud.

This could also be titled, why i love my mother, why my mother is better than yours, women with rad names, the lady who birthed me.

My mom is the coolest because after she worked at long day at the office, she volunteered to come over to my apartment, sit in traffic forever, and help me clean. The bed bug killers were here on Friday, everything was a mess. I didnt have bugs before, and I dont have bugs now, success in my book.

Back to the story. My mom brought her vacuum and her hard working spirit! She hung up all of my clothes, organized my hanging shelf closet thing, we shared a half a beer, she did my dishes, by hand, she worked until we couldnt work anymore. Then... THEN... She took me to dinner, at our favorite Brewery, Bridgeport. We shared a half a bbq pork sandwich and fries and had an IPA off the cask. Dad would have been jealous.

My mom gives when theres nothing to give but some good old elbow grease. I would loan her out, but I need her dearly. I am very selfish when it comes to momma, ask my brothers.

Dear September,

I want to snuggle up in blankets.
I will bake to keep warm.
I will wear more sweaters.
I want to eat pie.
I'm looking forward to change.
I love school supply shopping.
I hope to sew more, bitch less.
I will finish Dexter Season 4.
I will finish Weeds, up to season 4.
I will try really hard to not get sick.
I will do homework, on time.



he said

"im going to get pizza with kenny, you should come over after work"

what i heard

"im not going to eat dinner with you on the last friday before your school starts and im also not going to pick you up from work even though you dont drive, you have a gash in your leg and you have to walk up a huge hill. Even though its a 10 minute round trip drive and a 45 minute one way bus ride."

being a girl is not fun some days.

Oh thanks & totally embarassing.

Totally excited about all the responses on my post. I have tons of ideas as to what I am sending you.

But, for right now my apartment is a HUGE MESS of piles of white garbage bags. The apartment 3 doors down has bed bugs. YUCK! and as a preventative thing, they are spraying my apartment today. I dont think I have bed bugs and everyone tells me I would know for sure if I did. I dont have any bites or other symptoms. THANK GOD.

Although its kind of cool to think my building has something in common with the Empire State Building now.... right? Looking on the bright side... right?

I hope to be back up and running this weekend. I also hope to stop being Debbie Downer. Sometimes my chemical balances are off. Thanks B for helping the last couple of days.


margo and rachael dance machines

Did i ever share this? It's from the wedding back in July. Margo had to be pulled off the dance floor at the end of the night so us youngin's could go home. we were tuckered out.

Full Circle

You know sometimes this blogging world feels pretty small. Most of the time I love that, knowing that there is a community behind all the blogs.

Other times... this happens.

I was on Mabels house, I clicked on If I Didnt Have a Sense of Humor, then I clicked on Our Modern Mess.

THEN, I realized OMG, that IS ERIC CARROS. I'd recognize that guy anywhere.

And now on request I will tell you a story about a girl and boy.... scratch that, a girl and a man.

When I was in high school we didnt have facebook and myspace was brand new. AOL, yahoo and other email sites were blocked from school computer access. Rightfully so, why did we need to email each other in class? I forget. Either way, my friends and I signed up for this dumb dating site, it wasn't blocked and we could still email each other. WIN WIN!

Then he found me. He was a 24 year old graphic designer working for cartoon network living in Atlanta, Georgia. How cool. Well cool to a 17 year old high school senior who aspired to be all things crafty. I explained that the age I put on the site wasnt my real age. He explained that he thought I was really cute. (creepy, right?) So we talked, for a long time, about everything. He's greek, comes from a great family. I'm white trash, comes from the ghetto. Knight in shining armor? Hello.

We exchange numbers. We were sneaky. I turned 18 and we decided we couldnt wait to meet each other. We were in LOVE. Love? What is love at 18? Hell, what is love at 24? He flew 2600 miles to see me on my spring break. Met my parents, got to know the real me, the me that isnt just a voice or some pictures. And we decided we were meant to be together. So I had a boyfriend. A manfriend, who was 6.5 years older than me and lived on the east coast. Im a west coast girl. We dated for a couple years. He would come here, I would go there. It wasn't so bad. We named our kids, we dreampt up houses, and a life together.

Then I realized... we had no life together. He was not moving to Portland Oregon, there wasn't any work here for him. (Shortly after two of his coworkers moved here for work :/) He wouldn't let me move in with him. So here I am here, there he is there. And that's it. No life together.

We kept in contact. Called each other for big news. Watched each other date, dump, get dumped. He was my ECCW, I was his lil lady. He found a pretty lady, let her move in and married her. They bought a house together. I did get a web cam house tour. I knew what the house looked like. Soon after though, we stopped talking. For the betterment of his marriage, because his silly wife doesn't want a silly ex girlfriend around. Makes perfect sense. So we said goodbyes.

Until now. Until I stumbled upon his blog. Saw the house they bought and the life they are creating. A life that I thought I was going to have. And that 17 year old dreamer inside of me died, of a heart ache. Then I remember how hot it was in Atlanta in July. How we argued over small things and how much I love being close to my parents. How happy he is and how happy I am for him. Susan and Eric, you're house is beautiful. You won't read this. And its probably better that way.


Good things.

Gorgeous Portland Oregon.
Free orange chocolate chip scone.
Full Pell Grant.
And feeling like a much needed little grunt worker.

It is nice to be needed and given grant money for school and scones for my tummy.


flowers > needy girlfriends

First off, excuse the poor quality camera phone picture, I was in a hurry out the door this morning.

There's been some rough seas, if you know what i mean. if you dont, just enjoy the pretty flowers. I'm the kind of girlfriend who wants to cook you dinner, hold your hand, go out on adventures, and I want you attention all the time, because you have mine. Yeah, I'm that kind of girl. Needy much? Yes mam.

I never considered myself this kind of girl.

You're a dungeon master and you caught the dragon? awesome.
You spend money building custom racing bikes not on dates? thats ok.
You live 2600 miles away? No problem.
I can only see you once every two weeks? i'll live.

Oh I should write a book on the guys I've dated. Anyway, back to the flowers. I've been upset over some issues. Which some people dont see as issues. And by some i mean one. So I made it apparent yesterday that these were in fact issues. And i was greeted at the door with these.

And all the sudden things are better. Because flowers make things better.

flowers and hugs and kisses.


I want to give you something.

Edit: The giving has ended sense the items have been made.

Yes, yes I do. Because I want to get to know you. I am so curious about who reads this blog, according to blogger I only have 11 followers but google analysis tells me I have readers all over the world, and that Tuesdays are my peak day. I know this is no high end fancy blog deal, but you stopped by, so it must not be all bad!

So answer one or more of these questions for something delightful.

Whats your name? How old are you? Why are you awesome? What do you want to see more of here? What do you want to see less of here? What is your favorite color & what is your mailing address?

If you arent comfortable commenting with your address, email me directly, rachaelgregg@gmail.com



Loving Rosanna Geissler

"I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." -Marilyn Monroe

Love this quote and loving this artist! Check out her site!


Yakima Vacation!

I have cousins my age that live in Yakima and since I was little I've loved visiting their town. Technically they live in Naches, Washington. Which got a stop light about 5 years ago, that was exciting, really though, the stop light is out on the highway, not exactly in the town. Or in the town as I think of it. There are adorable little streets of houses and a park, a public pool and about 25 bars. Ok, not that many but it appears that every other building is a bar/tavern/get your drink on place. We also went to Mt Rainer National Park, as a day trip. Amy drove way to fast up the windy hills and Zach spewed, twice. Yuck.

It was so foggy and cold up at the to of the Pass, we couldnt see Mt Rainer,
but I'm sure it was still there.

The lake that we walked around was super clear. I would also like to add that I do indeed own a pair of real shoes. AKA shoes that are not ballet flats, flip flops or boots.
Cousins! Holly, Amy and myself, I assume Ali took the photo.
Ali, Holly and Amy! Getting our drink on.
Ummm... yeah... we were drunk... but its a small town... what else was there to do!!?

Ok, we did do other things like:

our traditional watch a really scary movie and get no sleep night.
floated the canal, three times. pictures to come.
played croquet, with my hilarious uncle.
Ate lots of good food.
laughed until my sides hurt.
made aunt kim pancakes(dutch babies)

and well.... we hung out, and enjoyed each others company. Because we love each other, and we dont get all together more than twice a year. Can't wait for next summer!


There was blue sky and sunshine on the Oregon Coast! How rare!
The water was still freezing cold.
B knows how to capture my good side.
Seriously, a gorgeous day on the Beach.

And thats about all I can say positive about that trip. You know when you want something to be so much fun? You look forward to it, you take time off work for it, and you can't wait to go. Then something happens and theres a funk in the air. The person you wanted to spend the day with so badly, doesnt seem to want to spend it with you. Yeah. That happened. Only summer beach trip, and that happened. I would like a redo please.


Things I like today, tattoos

Here are some lovely examples of tattoos worth getting. via cupofjo

I also have a handful of pictures at home to show you. Like my before and afters of my closets. Which are much more useful now that they are organized. It's funny how an organized closet can make you happy.

I also have Yakima pictures to post. Lots of them, although I might spare you the drunk parts.... just kidding, I wouldn't have any pictures to post if I did that. and I still need to get my film developed.

Oh and beach pictures... did I ever post those? Don't think I did. Expect pictures soon people. soon.


I won!

I won my very first blog contest/give away. The lovely moontree letterpress does a weekly contest and gives 50 letterpress business cards to the person who enters the winning 6 word story that follows that weeks theme.

The weeks theme was summer backyard memories and my entry was

"dewy grass at dawn, stars fade"

I am so excited! thanks rebecca!



I love when dates run in some sort of pattern.

Now here's a conversation between B and I last night:

"do you like my pictures?"
"yeah, they're blog worthy"
"are you making fun of me?"
"no, like you would see that on a blog"
"you are making fun of me, aren't you?"
"no, i meant that looks nice and you would see something like that on one of those blogs"
"oh, well thanks hun."


Yakima, I love you.

For your Rivers, which I will bravely float this weekend.

For your your abundance of good people.

For spending time with my secret keepers.

I can't wait to get into the car tomorrow morning with Zach and Holly on our way to see some of the most beautiful parts of the PNW, you know Yakima is the Palm Springs of Washington. Or so the sign says. I'll be back Monday.

Whats your favorite home state destination?


Dear August,

I am excited to see Norm Eder.
I am excited to take a letterpress class.
I will hang up my shelves.
I can't wait for Yakima.
I will use my new bikini.
I will finish my summer to do list.
I will laugh with my cousins until I pee.
I will use my Yudu machine for the good.
I will get into a normal eating routine.
I can't wait for the county fair.
I will sing to the high heavens.
I will sh*t or get off the pot.

with love,

What would you add to this list?