flowers > needy girlfriends

First off, excuse the poor quality camera phone picture, I was in a hurry out the door this morning.

There's been some rough seas, if you know what i mean. if you dont, just enjoy the pretty flowers. I'm the kind of girlfriend who wants to cook you dinner, hold your hand, go out on adventures, and I want you attention all the time, because you have mine. Yeah, I'm that kind of girl. Needy much? Yes mam.

I never considered myself this kind of girl.

You're a dungeon master and you caught the dragon? awesome.
You spend money building custom racing bikes not on dates? thats ok.
You live 2600 miles away? No problem.
I can only see you once every two weeks? i'll live.

Oh I should write a book on the guys I've dated. Anyway, back to the flowers. I've been upset over some issues. Which some people dont see as issues. And by some i mean one. So I made it apparent yesterday that these were in fact issues. And i was greeted at the door with these.

And all the sudden things are better. Because flowers make things better.

flowers and hugs and kisses.


Jami Nato said...

gosh, i'm sorry. things that seem small to some, are actually realy big to others.

i say, write about it. i hate not knowing what you're upset about. nosy much? ha. :)

rachael said...

Jami I would let you be nosy any day of the week! 'cause you're awesome.

Holly Knitlightly said...

I would totally read a book about all of the guys you dated. I agree with Jami, write about what is bugging you. Your blog is a great place to vent. :)