I want to give you something.

Edit: The giving has ended sense the items have been made.

Yes, yes I do. Because I want to get to know you. I am so curious about who reads this blog, according to blogger I only have 11 followers but google analysis tells me I have readers all over the world, and that Tuesdays are my peak day. I know this is no high end fancy blog deal, but you stopped by, so it must not be all bad!

So answer one or more of these questions for something delightful.

Whats your name? How old are you? Why are you awesome? What do you want to see more of here? What do you want to see less of here? What is your favorite color & what is your mailing address?

If you arent comfortable commenting with your address, email me directly, rachaelgregg@gmail.com



Becky Farley said...

:) I left you this note on my blog:
Bahaha Rachael! The same thing happened to me once - a coworker GIRL told me I was old when she was only a few years behind me!!!! ARe you serious!? Who says things like that anyways!? Be self-aware people!! lol You're not old at all Rachael!

Geez! lol
ok now: my name is Becky, I'm 27 ;) not old! I'm awesome because I can work, blog, play Words with Friends all at once lol my favorite color is orange! I think your blog is super cute/awesome and just keep at it! my email is becksorange@gmail.com
my address is
5018 West Tampa Blvd
Tampa FL 33634 ;)

Emma said...

Hi Rachael, i realized that i had never "followed" your blog even though i've been reading it pretty much every day for months. Anyways, my name is Emma, I'm 21. I'm awesome because i finally just opened up my own etsy shop which has been a dream of mine for 3-4 years. I love your blog and i really liked the tattoo post you put up so maybe you could do that more often. Tutorials are always a fun thing to add though, I'm trying to think of one for my own blog. I wouldn't get rid of anything, I love your quirkiness and you seem super excited about blogging so just go with your gut and what you think is fun! my email is ebenlemon@gmail.com and my mailing address is
203-5262 Argyle Street
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 1T9

feel free to check out my blog at: http://ebenlemon.blogspot.com

Kate said...

Raaaachael! Of course I'm Katie, Kate, whatever. I'm 20. I'm awesome because I left everyone I know and love to move 2000 miles away for my boyfriend and I couldn't be happier, no one seems to want to hire me and I want to go back to school for interior design.. or something else. I love your posts about what you've been up to like the beach and Yakima pictures. I also enjoy when you post things that you like..like the one about the tattoos and dresses. My favorite color is hot pink, teal, grass green, a nice sky blue and dark gray. You might have my address already but incase you don't:
10883 SE 10th St Apt 35
Vancouver, WA 98664

Holly Knitlightly said...


I just found your blog from your comment on Becky's blog, then I was commenting on cakies and I saw you commented there too! So, I mean it was fate. Haha! I'm now following your blog! :)

Zoe said...

My Favorite color is Turquoise. I will e-mail you my address. Thanks!

O. said...

Hi, my name is Olivia and I'm 31 which seems so old compared to the other commenters. I think your blog is adorable and will be following (not only on tuesdays).

P.O. Box 4515
Clearwater, FL 33758