Oh thanks & totally embarassing.

Totally excited about all the responses on my post. I have tons of ideas as to what I am sending you.

But, for right now my apartment is a HUGE MESS of piles of white garbage bags. The apartment 3 doors down has bed bugs. YUCK! and as a preventative thing, they are spraying my apartment today. I dont think I have bed bugs and everyone tells me I would know for sure if I did. I dont have any bites or other symptoms. THANK GOD.

Although its kind of cool to think my building has something in common with the Empire State Building now.... right? Looking on the bright side... right?

I hope to be back up and running this weekend. I also hope to stop being Debbie Downer. Sometimes my chemical balances are off. Thanks B for helping the last couple of days.

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Holly Knitlightly said...

Ah! What a bummer! I'm glad you don't have any bites or anything. But still a bummer that you've got to get the apartment sprayed just in case. I hope you have a great weekend. :)