Things I like today, Wendy Gail Cloud.

This could also be titled, why i love my mother, why my mother is better than yours, women with rad names, the lady who birthed me.

My mom is the coolest because after she worked at long day at the office, she volunteered to come over to my apartment, sit in traffic forever, and help me clean. The bed bug killers were here on Friday, everything was a mess. I didnt have bugs before, and I dont have bugs now, success in my book.

Back to the story. My mom brought her vacuum and her hard working spirit! She hung up all of my clothes, organized my hanging shelf closet thing, we shared a half a beer, she did my dishes, by hand, she worked until we couldnt work anymore. Then... THEN... She took me to dinner, at our favorite Brewery, Bridgeport. We shared a half a bbq pork sandwich and fries and had an IPA off the cask. Dad would have been jealous.

My mom gives when theres nothing to give but some good old elbow grease. I would loan her out, but I need her dearly. I am very selfish when it comes to momma, ask my brothers.

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Holly Knitlightly said...

Aww, that's awesome! Sounds like a great night spent together. I'm so glad you don't have bed bugs!