Yakima Vacation!

I have cousins my age that live in Yakima and since I was little I've loved visiting their town. Technically they live in Naches, Washington. Which got a stop light about 5 years ago, that was exciting, really though, the stop light is out on the highway, not exactly in the town. Or in the town as I think of it. There are adorable little streets of houses and a park, a public pool and about 25 bars. Ok, not that many but it appears that every other building is a bar/tavern/get your drink on place. We also went to Mt Rainer National Park, as a day trip. Amy drove way to fast up the windy hills and Zach spewed, twice. Yuck.

It was so foggy and cold up at the to of the Pass, we couldnt see Mt Rainer,
but I'm sure it was still there.

The lake that we walked around was super clear. I would also like to add that I do indeed own a pair of real shoes. AKA shoes that are not ballet flats, flip flops or boots.
Cousins! Holly, Amy and myself, I assume Ali took the photo.
Ali, Holly and Amy! Getting our drink on.
Ummm... yeah... we were drunk... but its a small town... what else was there to do!!?

Ok, we did do other things like:

our traditional watch a really scary movie and get no sleep night.
floated the canal, three times. pictures to come.
played croquet, with my hilarious uncle.
Ate lots of good food.
laughed until my sides hurt.
made aunt kim pancakes(dutch babies)

and well.... we hung out, and enjoyed each others company. Because we love each other, and we dont get all together more than twice a year. Can't wait for next summer!