oh, by the way

i miss your blogs. because i dont get to read them on a daily basis anymore. which means i go to one blog and i spend a half hour there, because i have to read back so far. AND I WANT TO READ BACK THAT FAR. I want to be caught up on blogs. I am not.

This will not happen today. I went to bed at 12:30am, I woke up at 6am. Hello my new bestfriend, 5 and a half hours of sleep. I am keeping her to myself, and I hope you all never meet her, shes a bitch and she puts me in a grumpy mood. I had to finish a project today. I have to finish projects every morning it seems. I hope one day, I dont have to wake up early for projects. I hope theres a couple years that I can wake up and not be in trouble for not doing homework, or walking the dog, or even one day getting the crying baby.

I am stressed and annoyed. I am also 'pretty' because the lady at Documart told me so.... for no good reason. It was sweet and I want her to tell me that every day forever.

If you see me in the next couple of days, please give hugs. Also expect hugs to be given. I have to go present a project I am not in love with now. First I will buy an extra big latte, because I need it.

Dear October

Octaberfest, 2008.

I am looking forward to baking Halloween cookies with Chena.
I cannot wait to see a certain mister.
I want to carve pumpkins.
I want to wear scarves.
I want to buy new boots.
I want to not be busy.
I need to dust the real cobwebs away.
I am excited to dress up.
I am looking forward to pumpkin spice lattes.
I want cooler days, but not cold nights.
I can turn my heat on.
I will post more.
I hope.

things i like today, red, white and blue

Tank: Target
Skirt: F21

Lace undershirt: Salvation Army
Striped shirt: American Eagle

I would like to also call this post "crappy camera phone images", I apologize.


things i make

This is a horrible image of my theory and practice text assignment. i cut out all of the text from an old encyclopedia, i took 6+ hours, i put the cut out information in an old glass medicine bottle. To preserve the information is more important than being able to read it, or so I put on my project log. I am not a deep artist, Im not a conceptual artist. i like to make things that i find visually interesting. So this class is a struggle for me.

next i have to appropriate a piece of work. any ideas? because i need help, bad.

will you please

go to the store and buy me some blush, qtips, hairspray, coverup, and chicken? because its raining and i dont want to walk to freddies. also could you please read my printmaking assignment? and bake great aunt nelly's fresh apple cake?

i would like to lay in bed for the rest of the night, watch a movie and sleep.

thank you.


i stink.

Brandon left me his favorite shirt while he's away at college. That meant A LOT to me, it was super cute. He also wore this shirt 6 days in a row before he handed it to me and left. OMG. I wish you could smell me right now!


Chewy and Dozer. SO CUTE!


Big Change.

No, not the big change. Just a big change.

Brandon left this morning for school. I helped him do laundry and pack his car last night. I wanted to curl up and hide inside. I wanted to go with so bad. I didn't want him to leave. Because this is a big life change.... again.

Remember a year ago when I moved 'away' to school. Granted it was only 15 minutes away, it was still away... out of state... still starting a new chapter in my life. So much happened at that time I didnt know how to handle it all and I decided that I couldn't. That was also a big change. Those feelings I saw in his eyes when I left him, for reasons other than school, I feel those now. I feel so horrible for making him feel so horrible. Only now do i understand the sheer amount of pain that I put him through.

Knowing that he's not in driving distance makes my stomach turn. He wont come over after class, he cant spend the weekends with me. We can skype, although its poor quality and there's always the phone. But waking up this morning, there was a chill in the air and it made me miss him even more.


typesetting & mike daisey

Typesetting takes time. a lot of time. Its the process of hand placing lead characters into a 'composing tray'. everything is upside down and backwards! what?!! crazy, i know. but i LOVE it. i really love it. its so soothing. one can jsut get lost for hours setting a project. letterpress is my friday class and its makes for some lovely friday afternoon relaxing.

brandon has decided not to leave until sunday. i bought tickets for us to go see the mike daisey show tomorrow at TBA. I am SO excited for his monologue.

and then... well and then brandon leaves. and im scared and nervous. and im hoping my friends keep my ass in check. thanks friends. for reminding me to breathe.


im trying

really hard right now. really really hard. to not be selfish.

in trying to not be selfish i have resorted to being angry.

this is not a better destination.

Things I like today, Parker Fitzgerald

I just love Parker Fitzgerald's work.


Zoo trip!

I woke up Saturday morning and Brandon asked me if i wanted to go to the zoo. HELL YES I DO! I love the zoo, ok I hate seeing the animals in such an unnatural environment but I do love the zoo! So to the zoo we went!

First we stopped for some pumpkin spice lattes! heaven!

the baby elephant has grown so much!

this guy was precious watching the other monkeys across the way

I was stretching as big as i could!

Brandon was.... well being brandon.

We had a great time! It was brandons last weekend in town, he moves to school on friday. im pretty much crying nonstop after such a great weekend with him. He's out with his friends right now, another going away frenzy(although did we not do that on saturday? did he need two?) Im trying really hard to not be selfish and take up all his time. but i want to hold him tight and not let him leave. :(

It'll be ok... right? RIGHT! he'll call me everyday... right? i hope so.

this week will be very busy, i hope i make it through.


i need a hair cut cut

Excuse the look and camera phone quality. but i really need a hair cut. any ideas?


My camera isnt working :(

I bought $5 in scratch it's today and didnt win a thing. bad habit.

I walked to school.
walked home with rachel for lunch.
road the trolly to the art museum.
Road the trolly to my neighborhood.
Got a side walk make over, thanks bare escentuals.
I walked home, wondering if i looked like a clown.
I realized I didnt have my homework printed.
Walked back to school.
Walked back home.
Now im blogging instead of doing homework.

BUT I dont want to ignore ya'll. Because i love you. a lot. I am just really busy and am doing a lot of walking. I cant wait for the weekend. actually i cant wait for friday. I LOVE MY LETTERPRESS CLASS. imagine that was yelled from my rooftop. even though there's no rooftop access in this building. Im also on that lovely lady time of the month..... so i bought like a million chocolate bars and some cinnamon rolls to get me through the day. but those scratch its were still a waste.

phew. homework. dexter. sleep.


in the mean time

some super hilarious and sweet childrens music.

This last week I started school, I have been very busy and I apologize for my absence. I plan to be more present during the next 15 weeks of school.

In the mean time, listen.