My camera isnt working :(

I bought $5 in scratch it's today and didnt win a thing. bad habit.

I walked to school.
walked home with rachel for lunch.
road the trolly to the art museum.
Road the trolly to my neighborhood.
Got a side walk make over, thanks bare escentuals.
I walked home, wondering if i looked like a clown.
I realized I didnt have my homework printed.
Walked back to school.
Walked back home.
Now im blogging instead of doing homework.

BUT I dont want to ignore ya'll. Because i love you. a lot. I am just really busy and am doing a lot of walking. I cant wait for the weekend. actually i cant wait for friday. I LOVE MY LETTERPRESS CLASS. imagine that was yelled from my rooftop. even though there's no rooftop access in this building. Im also on that lovely lady time of the month..... so i bought like a million chocolate bars and some cinnamon rolls to get me through the day. but those scratch its were still a waste.

phew. homework. dexter. sleep.

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Holly Knitlightly said...

Ooh you should get a pedometer! Haha. I wear mine all the time and like to write down how many steps I got that day.

...yes, I'm a loser. Hahahah!