Zoo trip!

I woke up Saturday morning and Brandon asked me if i wanted to go to the zoo. HELL YES I DO! I love the zoo, ok I hate seeing the animals in such an unnatural environment but I do love the zoo! So to the zoo we went!

First we stopped for some pumpkin spice lattes! heaven!

the baby elephant has grown so much!

this guy was precious watching the other monkeys across the way

I was stretching as big as i could!

Brandon was.... well being brandon.

We had a great time! It was brandons last weekend in town, he moves to school on friday. im pretty much crying nonstop after such a great weekend with him. He's out with his friends right now, another going away frenzy(although did we not do that on saturday? did he need two?) Im trying really hard to not be selfish and take up all his time. but i want to hold him tight and not let him leave. :(

It'll be ok... right? RIGHT! he'll call me everyday... right? i hope so.

this week will be very busy, i hope i make it through.