Dear November

October 28, 2010

I am looking forward to B coming home.
I am excited for family around the table.
I want to find the perfect pair of gloves.
I can't wait for cousins to visit.
I want to bake pumpkin pie.
My heated blanket will become my best friend.
I will try cacao.
I will make Christmas gifts.
My heavy coat will get more wear.
I will wrap up important duties.

happy halloween!

I went as a one legged 1950's desperate housewife. The one legged part only lasted for the duration of this photograph and was unintentional. Yesterdays post shows a better closeup of my hair and make up. I had a lot of fun with my friends and hope you all did too!


things i make, birthday gifts!

I made Margo and Chena some birthday gifts in the letterpress lab last night. I really love them and want to make myself some! I'll share the goods when my scanner decides to work again! which I hope is soon!

todays agenda:

birthday tea party!
party it up with Chena!
go to bed before the sun comes up!
not get hung over!

be safe people!


gingerbread men, halloween issue

one eyed purple people eater, four eyed drunk.
the pan of men we burned, oops.
chena was in charge of baking, i did the frosting.
can you see the ninja turtle?!?!

I had a lot of fun baking and decorating halloween cookies with Chena last night. I needed a good laugh and some wine. Im thinking scare crow men for thanks giving???


things i like today, really sad love songs

i really love some bright eyes. dont judge.

im having a real slow start to my day. i woke up at 7, snoozed until 8:15 and now its 9:15 and im still not showered, dressed, or any step closer to being ready for the history of printmaking at 11am. sometimes doing nothing is a nice break from the chaos of school and life. i had some crazy dreams about some people i used to love. why is that such a downer? it shouldnt be.

tonight im going to chena's to bake and hopefully laugh A LOT. i need it.


things i like today, postcards from italy & skype

today i checked my mailbox and there was a postcard from italy! thank you kevin!
and completely unrelated:

i saw B's saggy tighty whitey butt. dont tell him i told you, but it was incredibly adorable. :)

im sorry for the continued mess

im trying to decide what i like as a blog banner and well... im finicky.

i wish i could add my blog side roll "i keep an eye on" to my pages. can i do that?



goodmorning sunday

Today is my cousin Donalds birthday, the big 20! He's in the army and currently stationed in North Carolina, so my aunt and mom came over early this morning to skype with him. It was ridiculously cute and super funny, I should have recorded it. Afterwards I was showing my mom and aunt what my computer can do, we messed around on photobooth and heres a shot of us at the eiffel tower. except... NOT AT ALL. hahah.

Then they emptied the quarters out of their purses so I could do laundry. So sweet.

It's raining in Portland today, finally. Im going to have to find my rubberboots and venture out to the grocery store, I am in need of eggs and chocolate chips.... well really I just want cookies!


Attempting New Territory: Blog Buttons

trial and error

I would like to thank You Rebel Scum for sharing the link to oikology101 for the step by step directions to making a blog button! see over there -------> on the right hand side!!! You can now grab my blog button and add it to your own blog! Wahooo. I know, the image is silly, but its a cyanotype I made from a family photo and I really love it.

Im excited to venture off into other new territory as well!

wanna trade blog buttons? id love too!



i am overwhelmed

with life right now. i have so much to do but all i feel like doing is sleeping.

i need a pick me up, chocolate milk did not work this morning.


things i like today, chocolate milk

I am a true believer that chocolate milk makes the world go round.

Had a bad day? Chocolate Milk.
Need a boost? Chocolate Milk.
Want something to quench your thirst and your sweet tooth? Chocolate Milk.
easiest nonhealthy breakfast ever? Chocolate Milk.
Kid pleaser? Chocolate Milk.
Wish there was a boy snugglin' up next to you? Chocolate Milk.

ok... maybe not that last one... but still. Mmmmmmm good.

Whats your favorite comfort food?

things i like today, Adobe

I have no copyright over this logo, BUT yesterday I was on skype and Brandon asked if I could make some stupid logo for his bike, like he wants me to magically be able to create a gold sticker with black outlines and be able to stick it on his bike..... ummmm..... yeah.... i'll get on finding gold sticker paper and hand cutting that.... BUT he held the hand drawn logo up to the camera and i took a screen shot, then put it into illustrator.

Now heres the point of this post: I HAVE ILLUSTRATOR AND INDESIGN AND PHOTOSHOP ON MY NEW COMPUTER. ugh, ive waited like 10 years for this. I am very excited. I hope to redesign this blog soon. and maybe even learn to make blog buttons, since people are asking.

Do you know how to do that and can you help?


im no hoochie

Today I got some looks like I was a hoochie for wearing such a short dress. Now, FYI it was 72 and sunny in Portland today. Gorgeous October day. Note below, I did have shorts on, that are practically the same length as this super short dress/very long shirt, but normal length shorts for a lady my age. I dont let my snatch hang out people. Im just too modest for that.
On another note, while waiting for the crosswalk to change, I noticed this man was staring at me with laser knife eyes. Then while walking across, I noticed his multiple jail style blue face tattoos, and he opened his toothless mouth and said 'You are one beautiful lady, mam.' Oh lord, MAM?! ugh. Dear 24 years of age, please stop chasing 25 so fast.

oh and dont judge that avalanche of dirty clothing coming out of my closet. Im in college people, its a given. If you would like to donate your washing/drying skills, please contact me.


Freakin' Cool

Gah, i love with two of my favorite things are combined!

things i like today, IMacs


things I like today, cold crisp fall air

You know when you wake up and theres a chill in the air? Then the sun kisses your skin and warmth overwhelms your body? Hello October, I finally feel like you have arrived. I am loving your cool air and warm sunshine.

I feel much better, I am off the muscle relaxers and my arm feels so much better. Thank you everyone who wished me well and showed concern! It means a lot! I did have some time to catch up on blogs and I feel much better about that too.

I hope your all enjoying the weather as I am, this weekend.... well its suppose to rain. Hello real Portland Oregon weather, I was enjoying your absence.


hit by a truck

on one of the busiest streets where i live.

im ok. just sore. i had the walk signal and the dodge ram didnt see me. he paid for my doctor visit :). im in a sling, typing one handed, on muscle relaxers and pain pills.

ugh. wish me a speedy recovery.

i'll be back when i can actually type.


dear homework

please stop entering my life before the old homework is due.

On my friend Rachel's advice, I went to bed early and woke up early to do homework. Good morning 6am! ok, i hit snooze until 6:30. but still, you know... im not a morning person. I take forever to get ready most days... ugh.

So I shower and I iron my shirt and i get dressed and I remember that I have way more homework due at 11 for Theory and Practice: Art in Context than I thought. CRAP! So I get on my computer and BAM no internet connection. Thats what happens when your a college student and you live on your own and you cant afford internet, you borrow others... and when you really need it, it wont work. such is life.

So I am now in the schools library, reading. Which is ok. Since I already filled out my project proposal and my project log and.... i looked up the magazine articles I read and I actually cited them properly! go me! So now I read... and after class at 5, it all starts over again.

I wish I had more time for letterpress this week. I seem to have neglected that studio.


Mixed Emotions

You know when you miss someone so incredibly much it hurts? If you do not know this pain, you are one very lucky individual. If your normal like me... you know this pain. (am I normal?) Brandon has been gone away at school for 3 weeks. THREE measly weeks and I already miss his butt so much. We talk, we gab, we gossip. We tell each other when we get A's and we laugh at each other on skype. But he's not here. I cant hold him and hug him and kiss him and be his girlfriend. Not like a girlfriend should be a girlfriend.

Sometimes I have to stop and remember, I wouldnt cherish that post card as much if it were from someone else, I wouldnt have time to clean my apartment if he were here and I wouldnt squeeze retarded bear as often as I currently do. I wouldnt have time to make new friends or adventure with old ones.

bestest friend, I miss you but i'll be ok.
and i know you miss me, and I know you're ok.

things i make

I letter-pressed this lovely little recipe card at school last month. Fresh Apple Cake, from Great Aunt Nelly. I do suggest you bake this cake, so delicious. I brought it to class the day we had critique, just for fun, and everyone ate it up super fast!

These are some prints I made last year, Im not sure I ever shared them. The one of the left is a 4 color screen print of my grandmothers sewing machine receipt and the one of the left is a 4 color woodblock print of a bear and a bird, after my coworker was attacked by a bear and lived.
And this little banner is magnetic! I purchased some magnet paint at home depot in the missed matched color section for super cheap. I didnt know what to do with it but I wanted to test it out so I painted it onto some fabric. After months of staring at the fabric rectangle I decided to cut out a banner shape and put this into use!

I was going to share my photo assignment as well but I left it at work! Silly me! Next time!


i love old things

Today I bought a 1924 Websters Handy-Service Dictionary from my work book sale. They wanted $3, I gave them $2 and said your welcome over priced at work book sale. Ok, really, I asked politely, because I am just not good at being mean to people I dont know well.

So I am taking this beauty home and I hope to either preserve its not so mint condition or tear it a new one. Because thats what I do to old books, i rip them apart like a heartless bitch. And the REAL old ones. I leave those be, seeing I can understand the time and pain that went into the letterpress process.

This books smells of aged perfection, like a dying animal. Or maybe because I'm coming down with a cold, I'm just in a morbid mood. Please wish me a speedy recovery. Not to be pushy but please wish it to happen between 6pm-7pm tonight, on my commute, so I can go home and get homework done. Please & Thank you.

Things I like today, Denise Nestor