dear homework

please stop entering my life before the old homework is due.

On my friend Rachel's advice, I went to bed early and woke up early to do homework. Good morning 6am! ok, i hit snooze until 6:30. but still, you know... im not a morning person. I take forever to get ready most days... ugh.

So I shower and I iron my shirt and i get dressed and I remember that I have way more homework due at 11 for Theory and Practice: Art in Context than I thought. CRAP! So I get on my computer and BAM no internet connection. Thats what happens when your a college student and you live on your own and you cant afford internet, you borrow others... and when you really need it, it wont work. such is life.

So I am now in the schools library, reading. Which is ok. Since I already filled out my project proposal and my project log and.... i looked up the magazine articles I read and I actually cited them properly! go me! So now I read... and after class at 5, it all starts over again.

I wish I had more time for letterpress this week. I seem to have neglected that studio.