i love old things

Today I bought a 1924 Websters Handy-Service Dictionary from my work book sale. They wanted $3, I gave them $2 and said your welcome over priced at work book sale. Ok, really, I asked politely, because I am just not good at being mean to people I dont know well.

So I am taking this beauty home and I hope to either preserve its not so mint condition or tear it a new one. Because thats what I do to old books, i rip them apart like a heartless bitch. And the REAL old ones. I leave those be, seeing I can understand the time and pain that went into the letterpress process.

This books smells of aged perfection, like a dying animal. Or maybe because I'm coming down with a cold, I'm just in a morbid mood. Please wish me a speedy recovery. Not to be pushy but please wish it to happen between 6pm-7pm tonight, on my commute, so I can go home and get homework done. Please & Thank you.


Casee Marie said...

Holy smokes, that is old. I got an extremely old-looking copy of Pursuit of Love (Nancy Mitford) at a sale this summer, I don't even know just how old it is. I just knew it was all of fifty cents and I wanted to read it. It's QUITE trashed, though.

Jeni said...

Hope you feel better soon! :)

Thank you for your kind words, you're too sweet!