im no hoochie

Today I got some looks like I was a hoochie for wearing such a short dress. Now, FYI it was 72 and sunny in Portland today. Gorgeous October day. Note below, I did have shorts on, that are practically the same length as this super short dress/very long shirt, but normal length shorts for a lady my age. I dont let my snatch hang out people. Im just too modest for that.
On another note, while waiting for the crosswalk to change, I noticed this man was staring at me with laser knife eyes. Then while walking across, I noticed his multiple jail style blue face tattoos, and he opened his toothless mouth and said 'You are one beautiful lady, mam.' Oh lord, MAM?! ugh. Dear 24 years of age, please stop chasing 25 so fast.

oh and dont judge that avalanche of dirty clothing coming out of my closet. Im in college people, its a given. If you would like to donate your washing/drying skills, please contact me.

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Jami Nato said...

girrrrrrrrrrrrrl! rock it while you're young.