things I like today, cold crisp fall air

You know when you wake up and theres a chill in the air? Then the sun kisses your skin and warmth overwhelms your body? Hello October, I finally feel like you have arrived. I am loving your cool air and warm sunshine.

I feel much better, I am off the muscle relaxers and my arm feels so much better. Thank you everyone who wished me well and showed concern! It means a lot! I did have some time to catch up on blogs and I feel much better about that too.

I hope your all enjoying the weather as I am, this weekend.... well its suppose to rain. Hello real Portland Oregon weather, I was enjoying your absence.


Casee Marie said...

So glad you're feeling as good as can be under the circumstances! xo

Holly Knitlightly said...

That's great to hear that you are doing better! I'm so happy. :) Ah, I woke up and it was nice and chilly today, I love it!