things i make

I letter-pressed this lovely little recipe card at school last month. Fresh Apple Cake, from Great Aunt Nelly. I do suggest you bake this cake, so delicious. I brought it to class the day we had critique, just for fun, and everyone ate it up super fast!

These are some prints I made last year, Im not sure I ever shared them. The one of the left is a 4 color screen print of my grandmothers sewing machine receipt and the one of the left is a 4 color woodblock print of a bear and a bird, after my coworker was attacked by a bear and lived.
And this little banner is magnetic! I purchased some magnet paint at home depot in the missed matched color section for super cheap. I didnt know what to do with it but I wanted to test it out so I painted it onto some fabric. After months of staring at the fabric rectangle I decided to cut out a banner shape and put this into use!

I was going to share my photo assignment as well but I left it at work! Silly me! Next time!


Holly Knitlightly said...

Aw, I loved this post! You're talented, girl! I'm definitely going to write down that apple cake recipe! I have a bag full of apples that I picked just waiting to be made into something.

rachael said...

thanks holly!

that cake is super good, cream cheese frosting might make it better!